#28DayBlogChallenge Day 5 – A Poem 

I have written poetry for many years; The oldest one I have in my possession was written when I was 16. The following poem, I wrote on Saturday morning. I don’t know where it came from, but I felt I needed to write it.

Please excuse me as it’s raw material, but I tend not to reread through my poetry as it’s just a way for me to deal with being down. I very rarely share this kind of writing, so it’s a bit different. With that being said, I hope you enjoy.

– Sara


Her love for him she thought was strong,
His love for her was truly wrong.

It was never love and always lust,
It lacked all good things, even trust.

He broke her heart a thousand times,
Then proceeded to break her mind.

When he was done he left her there,
And when she cried he didn’t care.

But time has passed and she realised,
The pain she felt has minimised.

Resentment lies on some bad days,
But memories fade into a haze. 

She’s better now that much is true,
She’s better now because of you. 




  1. Like how the rhymes add a deceiving fun tone to it. Nice poem. Reflects a problematic relationship with only one of the parties giving true love while the other only destroys it. The happy ending leaves the reader relieved. 🙂

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  2. Hello Sara,

    As a ‘person of age’ – & hence not a ‘blogger’ in any sense other than, hopefully, being able to spell the word, I was amazed (& pleased) at your expressing your ‘liking’ for Peter Pencil – for which I thank you. Please forgive my love affaire with parethesese: They come to me like the kindas, sortas & LOLs (I hope my spelling is acceptable here) of today. As you will have gathered, I’m not a poet – nor ever shall be, but I was taken back (to my own now-distant past), though not immediately taken ‘aback’, by your Saturday morning poem. I was, however, somewhat taken aback by the immediacy (& dare I say hope?) of its unexpected (by me at least) final line.

    If your poem was based on your experience (as I suspect) rather than upon a flight of poetic fancy, I hope this (which I penned long ago for a family member in a time of distress):


    might be helpful.

    It represents a distillation of over 60 years of (perhaps wasted) experience, & it was garnered, as you will doubtless guess, when PC was a title given to the ‘boys in blue’. In those days such a phrase wasn’t considered sexist because almost all PCs were male – & we didn’t ‘consider’ much anyway.

    Should any of my experience not have been wasted however, & you warm to the notion of meditation – & even to a ‘rantra’ then, hopefully, it may distract you from some of your less positive thoughts –

    for the sun is always there above the clouds – & without the rain we would all perish.

    Rantra: a newly-coined portmanteau term for rant & mantra.

    PS. You may/or may not be relieved to hear that I never passed on my thoughts to the person for whom they were intended.

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  3. OMG…!!!! This beautiful poem is so about me..!!!! Thanks Sara..!!!! Youre such genius…!!! Simple but yet so truthful there…!!!! and straight to the bloody point..!!!! I love it..!!!!

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  4. Beautiful poem. I really felt like I was there in the world you described –Difficult to do with poetry. Awesome job! More, more please!!! 🙂

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