#28DayBlogChallenge Day 7 – Adventure!

Anxiety prevented me from doing a lot of things for a huge period of my life. One day, I had a word with myself, because I was missing out on so much and I only had myself to blame. I talked myself out of practically everything and missed out on a lot of life experience.

When I turned 25, I decided enough was enough, I only have one life and I wanted to look back and see that I put myself out there and made the most of my time. I’d been on holidays before, but I had never put myself out there.

I developed a “Screw it, just do it!” mentality. This lead me to meeting new people and seeing some beautiful places.

My first trip was to Paris. This was for my 25th Birthday. Not only did I get to see the beautiful city, I also participated in a half marathon. This set a solid memory for my milestone birthday. It was tough and something I’d never do again. I didn’t train at all and I incurred an injury, but at least I can say that I’ve done it and I have a medal and a T-shirt to show for it.

From this point the travel bug began. My heart led me to the other side of the world to Texas, I ended up living there on and off for 3 years and got to see some beautiful sights.


Last year I found myself in Sweden, it is a beautiful country and I hope to spend a lot more time there.



You don’t always have to travel the far reaches of the world to find adventure. Just a drive away is this beautiful place:


I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks and I feel like my adventure has just begun and I look forward to seeing where it’ll take me. Remember to always stay safe when you are on you journeys and in the words of Sierra – Always Seek Adventure!


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