#28DayBlogChallenge Day 12 – My mind is blank!

Although I’m still fully motivated to proceed with this 28 day challenge, today I am feeling most uninspired. Usually I just write about what comes to mind at the time I begin writing, but today my mind is blank.

Something that just sprung to mind is a random fact about me. I tend to change my hair colour when there are major changes in my life. It is something I have done for many years now.

Sometimes it is to cope with changes that are out of my control and perhaps I feel that it’s a change that is in my hands and feeling like a new person will help me deal with the possible challenges ahead.

Whatever the reason, it is now a habit that sticks with me and I have a lot of fun trying out new looks.

Sorry this post was a bit drab. Wishing you a happy Sunday. Until next time, stay awesome!


Featured image:Β https://brunch.co.kr/@5345341/121



  1. I used to do that too! I went from blonde to brown to black to red. It was my way of saying “this is a new me, I’m no longer associated with the problems I had when I was (enter hair colour)” but I stopped doing it when it took me so long to get back blonde again! It took forever!

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