#28DayBlogChallenge Day 14 – Off Switch

How great would it be if we could have a little holiday from our thoughts? Or there was a little off switch, so that every now and then the thoughts would stop flooding in and there were just a few moments of complete calm.

My mind is wide awake most of the time, from what I’m aware. Even when I’m sleeping my dreams are so vivid and full of messages, I feel like my brain never takes a break. I can’t even relax when I’m taking a bath, because I’m thinking about something that needs to be done, or my tiny little worries surface just in time to interrupt my down time.

I’ve never really been able to truly relax. It’s not all bad though, my over active mind keeps me creative. A lot of thoughts I can jot down and they can be used for stories, or future plans. Life is going in a pretty good direction at the minute, so my worries have lessened and there is far more room for good thoughts.

It really would be nice to get a little break once in a while though. Having an over active mind means it’s difficult for me to keep concentration, this can lead me to being forgetful and ultimately that can make me unreliable, a trait I could really do without. It’s another thing on the list of self improvement and I hope to get better over time. I find routine is helping a little to keep my mind from going on a tangent.

Unfortunately for me, it is not just a case of lighting a few candles and setting the scene so I can unwind. I would love to hear what you do to relax and if you have any methods to empty your mind of a thousand thoughts a minute.

I’m now halfway through the 28 Day Challenge, most people have finished today, as they started at the beginning of February, but I am happy I started when I did and I look forward to completing this and seeing where it takes me next.

Until next time, stay awesome!



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  1. I’m curious, have you ever tried active meditation or pranayama? I totally relate to the overactive mind and these are the few ways I can actually quiet it down enough to simply be. Something about the focus on what I’m doing/the breath helps the constant chatter and allows me to relax.

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    1. I agree…the breath is very important if you want to quieten the mind.

      I actually went for a 2 day meditation course, not really expecting much. But it was the best thing I did. I realised later on that I was putting too much of an effort to meditate, whereas meditation in itself is effortless.

      This is the course I attended and I believe they have centers in several countries.


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  2. Sara do you know your “type” by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator? You sound like a classic INFJ (from one to maybe another). If you are, go online and look up INFJ. There’s a whole bucket load of hints and tips to help achieve quiet minds (mind you I’ve never mastered any yet)!

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      1. It’s kind of my passion! A bunch of psychologists (or was it just Jung… I can never remember!) decided that all humans fit into one of 16 archetypes. It’s based on the principles of Introversion / Extroversion, Intuition / Sensing, Feeling/Thinking, and Judging / Perceiving.

        To find out what your type is you answer a series of questions that determine whether you tend towards introversion or extroversion, whether you get your knowledge of the world through intuition or from what you see… etc.

        I felt like a fish out of water (and thinking I had Bipolar Disorder) my entire life until I found out I am an INFJ. When I read (EVERYTHING) I could on this type, it resonated with me SO much. I understand why I feel psychic half the time (intuition). Why people open up to me after two minutes of meeting them (intuition + feeling). Why I get so wound up if things don’t go to plan (judging).

        Anyway, here’s a link to a good page that has a Type test, and if you’re up for it, have a go and see what you come out as! https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

        Good luck!

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  3. Very relatable! I face the same conundrum. It’s a double-edged sword I guess: you get a lot of cool ideas but also have to deal with its constant “whining”, so to speak.

    I’d say penning down your troubling thoughts and feelings could help. Getting what is buzzing in your head in some concrete form could reduce the busyness since you can now simply look at it. This can also help you pin down the problems and deal with them accordingly.

    And to help with avoiding forgetting, you could try jotting down whatever needs to be down and setting reminders.

    Hope these suggestions help. Cheers!

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      1. Oh, okay. :/ Hmm. I kinda understand. On the bright side, at least it will be a release for your feelings. 🙂 When I’m particularly down and get myself to write poetry, I kinda get uplifted at the end of it. It’s sorta like having a conversation with yourself with the pen acting as a mediator. 😀

        I guess if it’s depressing to read, you don’t have to read it back. Another thing you could try is seeing the writing from an outside perspective: reading it as if it wasn’t by you. Maybe that would help you analyse it more objectively and find out what’s bothering you.

        Cheers and have a great day, Sara! 🙂

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  4. Meditation and mindfulness is a practice. Not too many of us can simply light candles, breathe and drop out of our headspace. But it does get easier to detach from your thoughts the more you practice. It might help for you to change how you approach taking a break from your thoughts. Your mind thinks, that’s it’s job. Instead of trying to stop thinking, practice not giving energy to your thoughts. A simple way to start is to place your thumb on your belly and gently rub your belly so that you tune into a sensation. As you become more focussed you can stop rubbing your belly and just focus on the rise and fall of your belly under your thumb. By anchoring your concentration this way your thoughts become like a whisper instead of a yell. Each time you get distracted start rubbing your belly gently again. You will notice that the more you practice this technique, the more you will develop your concentration. From there you can try different forms of meditation and breathwork. Alternatively, a moving meditation such as yoga, or walking/running while focussing on your breath might better suit your personality. Another option is to try Yoga Nidra Meditation (Divine Sleep). There are quite a few guided scripts on YouTube.

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  5. Very interesting post Sara! You’re right it would be good to experience break from your super busy mind. The benefits of it is not limited to productivity but also health. What i would recommend is try guided meditation, take walks in peaceful environments, listen to hypnosis recordings, paraliminals, and classical music. Hope these help. Good luck!😊

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  6. If your stole trying to find something to qwite your mind here is a simple meditation thing i do, just close your eyes and look into the dark you see consentrate on noting but the dark don’t let you mind think about anything but the dark, with time it get’s easyer to do and you do feel better tell your mind start’s runing away agine.


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