#28DayBlogChallenge Day 16 – Gaming

When some people think of video games, they automatically think of first person shooters like Call Of Duty and decide that it isn’t their cup of tea. There is so much more variety than this, there are so many genres that there is something for everyone.

I am a multi-genre gamer, so one day I might be shooting cops and heisting a bank, or shooting demons with baby’s tears and the next day I could be solving the mysterious death of my in-game uncle who guides me to answers with ghostly clues.

My all time favourite genre is Adventure and to sub catergorise it, I love old school point and click adventure games. These games are great to get you thinking as you have to solve a puzzle, or go through a whole convoluted ordeal to progress and unravel the story. I love the adventure game logic that only works for this genre. The bottomless pocket that is your inventory, the fact that you can pick up a floor lamp and it fits in your bag like you borrowed it from Mary Poppins.

I would go as far as saying that playing this particular genre has improved my problem solving skills in real life, as you really have to think outside the box to move forward.

I have loved playing video games for as long as I can remember, all the way back to when you needed about 4 floppy discs to play a 2mb game. It’s crazy how far technology has come since then and I’m pleased to be a part of the generation that gets to see this.

Gaming is not only a healthy escape for me, it has also been a platform where I have met many amazing people who are now in my life and never would have been if we didn’t have this common interest.

My all time favourite games are adventure games, so I’m going to share with you my top 4 favourite game series:

  1. Broken Sword: Made by Revolution: This game series began in the 90’s. I remember playing it as a kid and it basically started my love for point and click video games. The series is still going to this day, with the fifth installment being released just a few years ago. I was heavily involved in this project as it featured on Kickstarter and I was there from start to finish from the game getting the green-light to seeing it come to life. I even made a fan page, so all the old school (and new) Broken Sword fans could come together and talk about the game and that darn goat puzzle! (If you’ve played the first Broken Sword game, you’ll know what I mean!) I am very lucky to have gotten to interact with the wonderful developers of this game and even Rolf Saxon who is the voice of the protagonist George Stobbart. If you love beautiful scenery, rich history, mystery, epic puzzles and brilliant humour, then you should check out this game.

King’s Quest VII – The Princeless Bride: This was the first game I ever played with a female protagonist, in fact two female protagonists. Another game from my childhood that I still revisit to this day. This game was made by Sierra Games and it’s the 7th installment from the series and the one that captured my heart. It spoke to me because where usually a prince would be out there looking to rescue the princess, in fact it is Princess Rosella’s mother who travels far and wide in hopes to bring her daughter home safe. A lovely message then and even now that you don’t have to rely on a knight in shining armor, you can in fact rescue yourself. Sierra continued the King’s Quest adventures last year with King Graham and it was a great addition to the series which I hope will continue.



3. Blackwell: A five game series made by Wadjet Eye Games A series that was made in this decade. I was instantly drawn to this game when I happened upon it and it had the nostalgic retro style to it. The characters are hard-hitting and I became emotionally invested in them as the series went on. The main protagonist in this series to me is Rosangela, but you do actually get to play other characters and get to know them too. Throughout the series you are guided by Joey who is your spirit guide. He is my favourite, his humour and sarcasm are on point and they cast the perfect voice actor for him. You can tell a lot of passion went into this game and it shows. Although there will be no further games in this series (You’ll find out why if you play it), Wadjet Eye Games are still bringing out some awesome titles that are well worth playing.


4. The Book of Unwritten Tales: Made by King Art Games, this series has a more modern look but with all of the old school point and click goodness. The humour, the characters and the scenery in this game are fantastic. There are two games and a side game that features the creature Critter and you learn his story. There is a plethora of references and nods to many other games and movies and then with a splash of breaking the fourth wall, this game is fun from start to finish. You get to control three protagonists: Wilbur, Ivo and Nate they are all great in their own way, but I have a soft spot for Wilbur, he doesn’t let anything bring him down and I see him as the unsung hero. There are two games so far and the second was open ended with a lot of questions I personally want answered, I sincerely hope there will be a third game.



I know this is a little different to what I usually write about, but this is part of what makes me who I am too, so I thought I would share. If you enjoy video games, do check these out. There are hundreds of titles out there and you never know what you can find.

Until next time, be good!




  1. Always nice to hear about passion for gaming, Sara… an intriguing world of colour; it is a mystery to me since the rather basic games of childhood — back when a game took about 7 minutes to load on a cassette tape. 😉

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  2. I am not, nor have I ever been anything remotely near a gamer. I live with one though. I have tried (and he’s tried to get me into it without luck) but it just doesn’t click for me. I kinda wish it had and maybe I would have another hobby/passtime to add to my self-care regime. My boyfriend plays at night once I’ve gone to bed. I didn’t realise just how much of a gamer he was until we had a baby and then I was up in the night too and could witness it. He loves all kinds go games. Our daughter is called Fable (I didn’t get the connection – I thought I was choosing a beautiful, poetic name. Plus her middle name is Saria (again I didn’t know it had a gaming connection. Doh!) He’s excited about the new Zelda arriving tomorrow. If that means anything to you?

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    1. Ah the Switch. I hope it is good. I know it’s an exciting thing for a lot of gamers. 🙂 There is honestly something for everyone out there. I have stumbled on a lot of my favourites by accident.


  3. I’ve never even heard of this genre, Sara. Or maybe I remember under a different name. My history goes back to Zelda and games like D&D on the puter. What you have here intrigues me and I will be looking for each title (and some in the comments section as well) to bump my enthusiasm for gaming up a notch. I’ve played first-person shooters extensively and am ready to branch out and try something that exercises my brain a little more. Thanks for sharing Sara,


    1. They are all great games, I love having to use my brain to progress. There’s a lot of thinking outside the box, but you get used to it over time. I’ve had over 15 years worth of practice though. Good luck!

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  4. Yay! I love finding other gamers online! My favourites are Diablo II and III and Minecraft. I like the sound of the ones you’ve posted about though so I’m going to go look them up. Thank you for the recommendations 😊

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      1. I was okay with Blood Raven, it was the creepy arachnid lair that always got me and I don’t even want to get started on Diablo’s castle! That place still gives me the weebles and it’s been years since I played!

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      2. Ooh I’m gonna have to try that one!

        I played Aliens on PS4 with my brother and after ten minutes I threw the controller at him and hid because I was that creeped out. I swear it’s exactly like the first two movies, down to crawling through dark service tunnels! Do not play with the lights off like I did!

        I’m gonna go look up some vids of the new Resident Evil game now because I didn’t know it had been released yet 😃

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  5. I absolutely adore games with extraordinary stories. Silent Hill 2 is my favourite game of all time and even now I can’t stop comparing other games to it. But sometimes a good adventure game is also highly enjoyable and if it has something unexpected, even more appealing. Bastion was one of the current examples of a great adventure game that was better then I ever expected it to be.

    Take care and have a great evening

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    1. You have good taste! It was my favourite game as a kid. I was constantly trying to find games similar with no luck. Luckily that style is a trend at the moment so there are loads of cool new games to play.


  6. Excellent post! I don’t play any of these games because I’ve never heard of them! This is probably because I was too busy taking over rival gang territory or stealing jets from army bases in GTA-San Andreas….OR, weirdly, keeping my town weed-free and writing letters in Animal Crossing!

    I have fond memories of helping my son, when he was very young, through the mazes in Ocarina of Time, so he could beat Ganondorf before throwing the controller out the window.

    Cheers and game on!

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