#28DayBlogchallenge Day 18 – Birthday Girl

So the big 3-0 is finally here. It actually feels kind of nice. I’ve been shown a lot of love today from those close to me and also my ย lovely friends online.

It seems since I’ve finally opened up and allowed people in, they want to be there and it’s a strange but wonderful feeling. It just goes to show that for all those years I was closed off, it was my own fault that people didn’t approach me.

This year has been amazing so far. This morning has been beautiful. From the moment I woke up, I’ve just been surrounded by a positive force. It feels like I’ve finally broken the birthday curse where I end up sitting by myself and crying, feeling sorry for myself!

Today I will be seeing my good friends, some of which I haven’t seen for a long time. We will proceed to eat, drink and play some video games. That’s my idea of a good time, not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s my birthday hehe.

This blog is going to be short but sweet. If there happens to be any nice pictures later on, I think I shall add them to the post.

Until next time, whoever you are, however you are spending your weekend, I hope it is a great one and happy birthday to any other March 4th babies out there!




  1. Happy birthday! Glad you’re enjoying it so far, i fretted about turning 30 beforehand but when it arrived i actually felt good about it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I always like to go to the cinema on my birthdayand then play videogames haha.

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  2. Happy birthday, Sara! Thanks for liking my post. I couldn’t agree more with this: “It just goes to show that for all those years I was closed off, it was my own fault that people didnโ€™t approach me.” I happen to be like you who just realized that that phrase is true after all. Enjoy your day!

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  3. Happy Birthday Sara…!!!! Apparently why I’m starting Blogging myself is because we had the same reasons and the same situations I presume..!!! But As for me it’s more into getting dumb by my wife for no reasons and she bringing the kids along that making me missing them every each day without a divorce and such..!!!! She just wants to keep on party and wants her freedom just like when she’s young at high school I guess..!!! Well, back to my comment here, It’s been exactly 1 year and 3 months now Me being alone and lonely staring at my kids toys, my wife clothes and such..!!!! To make it more sickening, they lived just next town, 15 minutes from my place…!!!! Conclusion, I feel you and Congrats for overcome the situations..!!!! Happy Birthday again..!!!!

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  4. I know it’s a bit late but Happy Birthday! I felt much more comfortable when I got to 30 – I think I was never a typical 20-something and felt out of place. I’m glad you’re feeling good about letting people in and yourself!

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  5. my 30th birthday (last August) terrified me as well.

    but I’m really glad that your birthday was good this year. congratulations on breaking the curse. that’s a great accomplishment, honestly. it’s much hard to let people in than most realise. it’s not just “hang out, talk to, and laugh with people” as some may think. it requires a whole other system in our brains to function in a manner for which it was not programmed. so good on you for starting the reprogramming process. ๐Ÿ˜€

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