#28DayBlogChallenge Day 22 – Procrastination

So, as I am sitting here eating my toasted cheese sandwich, which I have thought about making since 9am, the obvious subject of procrastination popped into my head.

I am ashamedly a top expert when it comes to the subject. I can find myself putting things off, until I know that I am in the very last moments of being able to complete said task on time and in an effective manner.

The thing with my procrastination skills is that I end up doing something in place of the task I’m supposed to be working on and I actually end up doing more work to avoid the lesser chore. Which if you look at it with a positive spin, could be good because I end up getting more done in the long run.

I have in the past been cocky with this skill. In regards to my exams, I put off any kind of studying or research, went in and took the test, ended up winging it and coming out with a top mark. I don’t necessarily see this as a good thing, because it does not help at all with my concentration troubles.

With that being said, in my 30 years on this beautiful planet, I have learnt to use my procrastination skills for good and not evil. I am still mindful of getting things done, especially if someone else is relying on me, but I do enjoy finding the easiest and most effective ways of completing tasks.

I have in fact procrastinated twice on this post, but I will finish it now! I did actually get a lot done today which included saving some money and fixing a laptop, when my plan was to go to the post office and that was as far as plans went. I haven’t actually been to the post office yet, so I had better get to that.


Until next time, stay savvy!


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