#28DayBlogChallenge Day 22 – Procrastination

So, as I am sitting here eating my toasted cheese sandwich, which I have thought about making since 9am, the obvious subject of procrastination popped into my head.

I am ashamedly a top expert when it comes to the subject. I can find myself putting things off, until I know that I am in the very last moments of being able to complete said task on time and in an effective manner.

The thing with my procrastination skills is that I end up doing something in place of the task I’m supposed to be working on and I actually end up doing more work to avoid the lesser chore. Which if you look at it with a positive spin, could be good because I end up getting more done in the long run.

I have in the past been cocky with this skill. In regards to my exams, I put off any kind of studying or research, went in and took the test, ended up winging it and coming out with a top mark. I don’t necessarily see this as a good thing, because it does not help at all with my concentration troubles.

With that being said, in my 30 years on this beautiful planet, I have learnt to use my procrastination skills for good and not evil. I am still mindful of getting things done, especially if someone else is relying on me, but I do enjoy finding the easiest and most effective ways of completing tasks.

I have in fact procrastinated twice on this post, but I will finish it now! I did actually get a lot done today which included saving some money and fixing a laptop, when my plan was to go to the post office and that was as far as plans went. I haven’t actually been to the post office yet, so I had better get to that.


Until next time, stay savvy!


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  1. Procrastination is something i do well! Haha
    But it’s good to see a positive spin on it, usually i’m told it’s laziness when in fact i find it’s a case of building up to a specific task. By doing other things first that get me motivated or inspire me to do it.

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    1. Of course, another way to see it is putting off the more difficult tasks a person dreads and avoidance of what annoys or irritates us. While it pains us, the best thing to do is the hardest to-do first. This frees up the mind and eliminates unnecessary stress that might keep us from doing the lesser things.

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      1. There are certain occasions where I “eat the frog”. It’s actually smaller tasks that I tend to procrastinate. Fortunately it is not because I get stressed or anything like that, but getting things out of the way really is a nice feeling. 🙂

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  2. I am with you there. I have been procrastinating an essay for three weeks. Deadline is tomorrow and – whoops. Here I am procrastinating again! You seem to have grabbed this procrastination beast by the horns, though, and used it to your advantage!

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      1. Who wouldn’t want to do all that?

        Who would let that, slip away?

        Someone would have to be crazy,

        to miss an opportunity like this…

        To see it, be so close only to

        witness another reap it’s rewards…

        Someone would be out of their


        There isn’t even a word to describe

        what this situation would be…

        What could steal anything this plain

        to see?

        It wasn’t complacency or jealousy….

        It wasn’t ego or pride and it’s a problem

        we all face just like a heinous crime…

        The problem is time.

        Time, or the lack of it acts like a thief in

        the night.

        It makes everything tight and twists us like a

        flag in a whirlwind or a grappler engaged in a


        It is mastered by a few, not me maybe you…

        Lost friendships, jobs, that one big break…

        The girl, the boy the loss of the one thing

        no one could take.

        Time is a myth, you can’t hold it in your hands

        you can however tell it by simply pouring sand.

        When the sun rotates around us and we don’t

        mostly notice…

        Time tells important people to leave or simply

        to demote us.

        Time is known to heal a variety of ills, it’s

        nothing you have if your addicted to booze

        and pills.

        Time has the power to kill and believe me…

        it will.

        Time is like always running up a hill.

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  3. A subject which I’m all too familiar with!

    Someone I used to know called procrastination “dog washing”. I had to ask why of course, and he said it was his term for putting off something you really don’t want to do with something slightly less disagreeable. Like “I could study for the test, but I also really need to wash the dog…”

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  4. It’s like you’ve read my mind! Especially the fact that I’ll do anything (and end up doing more) just so I can avoid doing what I was supposed to in the first place 😀

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