#28DayBlogChallenge Day 23 – Okay (A poem)

This poem is about new relationships. We all try and lay our cards on the table and be as open about ourselves as possible. The potential other half claims to understand and they think what you say isn’t so bad, that is until they experience it first hand…
Until next time, don’t give up on love!
Okay (A Poem):
He knew what he was taking on
He said it was okay
She crossed her heart, told not one lie
He said it was okay
She wore her truths, her flaws, her faults
He said it was okay
She confessed to him her fears and doubts
He said it was okay
She apologised for who she was
He said it was okay
She’s learning to be a better one
He said it was okay
She’s not the way he thinks she should be
He says it’s not okay
She feels too much, it causes pain
He says it’s not okay
She tries, she’s imperfect, she makes mistakes
He says it’s not okay
She wasn’t perfect quick enough
And now he’s gone away.




    1. You’re right about that. It happens though. Sometimes people don’t realise what they’re taking on and they say it’s okay in the moment, the honeymoon period is always bliss until the dust settles.


  1. I liked this! I’ve been thinking a lot along these lines lately, as I’ve been set up on a blind date on Sunday week and I’m nervous that once my mental health issues come out, my date won’t want to see me again. I’m too honest to hide them forever (I don’t think I physically could if I wanted to), but I hope I don’t have to mention them on the very first date.

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  2. Thank you Sara for your honesty and a good poem, I like the rhythm and how it tips into ‘not okay’. Isn’t that life – I guess many of us live on that tipping point, OK and not OK. We don’t even need a judgemental partner to go from one to the other in an instant! Thanks again, will follow.

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  3. What a great description of how someone can let you down after promising to be there. It was hard for me to be sad while reading this, as I was listening to Weezer’s song “California Kids”, with the line “When you’re on a sinking ship, California kids will throw you a lifeline”. I love that lyric! Have you ever met anyone like that? I’m not from Cali but I like to throw people lifelines…if they seem to need one. I could use a lifeline out of this ridiculous blizzard we are having!

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