#28DayBlogChallenge Day 24 – Laughter

I noticed my recent posts have been a little dark. Currently I’m not even dwelling in the darkness, so I have no idea where they are coming from.

For some reason I seem to have been sharing a lot of words that describe how I felt in the past. I’m guessing that some of those feelings are residual and come to mind when I start typing.

One thing about me now, which was never a thing in the past is that I love to laugh. I even make a conscience effort to find the bright side of any given situation (where appropriate) and a hearty chuckle is great to get an all round good feeling going.

Like I mentioned in my puns post a while back, I used to think these kinds of jokes were cringe-worthy, but now I can’t get enough of them. If ever I see a terrible “Dad Joke” on Twitter I can’t help but laugh.

I have someone in my life who makes me laugh every single day, it’s been this way since the day we met and that laughter really does keep me going. If there’s someone in your life who makes you smile, laugh and feel good, hold onto them. They’re the people you need in your life. Don’t use them as a crutch to feel better about a bad situation, I don’t think that’s fair. They should feel good too.

One thing I’ve actively done to keep my depression at bay is to seek out new stand-up comedy shows, or comedy TV shows. It feels awesome to get caught in that moment for an hour or so, just let go and have a few giggles. Some people choose exercise and believe me I’ve tried that, I just can’t find those endorphin’s everyone is talking about!

To me, laughter really is the best medicine. Now I know it’s not a cure all, I know it’s not going to solve the problems that are leering at the back of your mind and I know that it’s not going pay off that credit card bill you have hiding at the bottom of the drawer, but I do believe it can get you into a better frame of mind to deal with these issues.

I’m lucky to have some awesome people in my life and I feel like I’ve finally found a balance of positivity around me. My friends are all awesome and I feel grateful that I always have them to turn to.

I try and find something that makes me laugh at least once a day and I’m fortunate enough to have found someone who does that. Finding someone who truly accepts you for who you are and is understanding enough to let you truly grow feels like a rarity, but at this point I feel like I found it. I couldn’t ask for more than that, well, maybe a pony.

Until next time, keep on chortling!



  1. Although I’ve just dropped by I’m so glad you’ve found someone who makes you laugh,. Reading through with a smile, I can definitely say this is a great nicely written post. Thanks for sharing and reminding people to be positive and that’s it’s okay to be happy ☺️

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  2. Excellent piece. You seem to have found your balance in life and someone who can be part of that. Laughter is the great destroyer of so many dark things. Yet, sometimes, darkness, that is: pain, loss, and death, never goes away and we must learn to bear it. When that happens, it’s beauty that can help us bear the darkness in our life. Something wonderful we find in each and every day; even, as we grow gray.

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