#28DayBlogChallenge Day 27 – Penultimate Day

Day 27, the end is in sight! 

Today I am in a tizzy and I’m really putting my procrastination skills to the test, because I’m leaving to go to Sweden tomorrow and I still haven’t packed. 

It’s a little colder over there than it is in the UK, so I have been instructed to bring a hat and gloves with me. I did not do this last time and I should have listened, so lesson learned, they will be the first things packed. 

I do love to travel, although it tends to bring out my anxiety and so I have to book earlier transport to the airport, just in case and I tend to wait around longer for flights. This is worth it to me for peace of mind and I have my music and Kindle to keep me entertained. 

I shall post some pictures from my trip if I see any pretty views. 

I very much look forward to my trip tomorrow, the travelling not so much, but the destination and that someone who is meeting me at the airport. 

Day 28 will be spent at the airport, so that’s where my last challenge blog will be written. 

Until then… 



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