Silly things I believed as a child. 

Some of these things you may find relatable, others you will make you think to yourself “well, that’s where the insanity comes from”.

I was told many things as a kid, by my parents, siblings or peers that in my naïveté, of course I believed. This coupled with my over active imagination, led me to believe some pretty stupid things as a kid. Without further ado, here are a few that spring to mind.

If you ate melon seeds, you’d grow a melon in your belly. 

I don’t know how this classic misconception came about, as I’m pretty sure eating fruit seeds is perfectly safe. I think it was my older sisters that told me this one and I’ve heard other people mention it too. I don’t know where it came from, but as a 90’s child this was a popular myth.

If you remove the plug whilst still in the bath, you would get sucked down the drain. 

I can’t recall who told me this, but I remember believing it. I also remember trying to tempt fate by pulling the plug and sticking my toe over the drain to stop the water flow. (I was a strange child)

Dolls could come to life and kill you. 

This one came about after watching a not so child-friendly movie called Child’s Play. I was about 7 years old and watched it at a friend’s house. After going home, I was legitimately afraid that my life sized bride Barbie was going to kill me in my sleep, so I pulled its arms off. I had so many Chucky nightmares, they were brought all the way into my adulthood. Moral of this story is that movies have ratings for a reason and shame on my friend’s parents for letting us watch that movie at such a young age.

If I misbehaved I’d be sent to a children’s home. 

I think this one was probably just my parents. Thinking back it was a bit of a mean threat and sometimes secretly I wished they would send me away and then I could be adopted by a rich family with a super cool dog and an indoor swimming pool.

Life was in black and white before colour TV was invented. 

I didn’t actually believe this one, as much as my dad tried to convince me otherwise. It is a funny thought though.

“If the wind changes, your face will stay that way”.

This was a common sentence we kids heard if any of us were in a pouty mood. Funnily enough, it wasn’t true!

Cat’s eyes on the road were actual cat’s eyes. 

I’m not sure if this was another one of my dad’s terrible jokes or I thought of this myself, but for a good while I thought all of the cats that got hit by cars were collected and their eyes were used to illuminate the roads at night.

Okay, I think that’s enough stupid for one day! Are there any common or weird things you heard as a child that you believed to be true? I’d love to know it’s not just me!

Until next time, stay smart.


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  1. I’ve heard every one of these. I was told as a child that if you picked at your belly button your bum would fall off. Also I remember my dad trying to convince me that zebra crossings were designed originally for zebras to cross the road safely but growing up in Scotland I’m not sure how true this would have been 😂😂😂

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  2. Let me see, eat lits of carrits and i could see in the dark. Which would’ve been cool, but apparently it just makes your skin yellow lol.
    Don’t pick your nose or your brain will fall out…… that was a weird one.
    Then there was a couple odd threats to do some chores or the boogie man will get you.
    I think it was usually clean my room.
    Parents fuck you up lol, and the wonder why we have issues :p

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  3. I’ve heard pretty much all of these, except the cat’s eyes, but it would be nice to think that dead cats are being used for something good. It’s funny the things we believe when we’re children.
    The one that I believed the most was that if I ate the crusts on my bread my hair would be curly. My hair was always immensely curly it didn’t need to get curlier, but I guess I thought it had always been curly because I ate my crusts. I also thought that little men lived in traffic lights making them work all day. I never thought dolls were going to come to life but when I was young someone told my about Bloody Mary and I spent the next (more years than I should) avoiding mirrors.
    With all of these, it’s good to laugh about them now and I bet when I have kids I’m going to tell them they could have a melon growing in their belly.

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  4. I used to think I could prevent a pencil from getting shorter if I kept rolling it in my hands, like you do with play-doh. lol, the thoughts we have as kids are funny but fascinating at the same time. 😉

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  5. I was lucky – my parents were hot on truth, and cold on empty threats. But I came up with my own weird theory about roads when I was about five. I became convinced that a town about nine miles away from where I lived, was actually the other side of the hedge at the bottom of my mum’s friend’s garden. I even thought all the towns and cities in the UK were really close together, and only seemed a long distance away because the roads had to go around the edges of the woodlands and fields. Later, when I learnt what makes cars move along the road, I came to the conclusion that it was a conspiracy – the roads were built by oil companies, and made as long and winding as possible so that they’d sell more petrol. That was back in the old days, when everything was black and white. Thank goodness for colour TV 🙂
    I had a friend who believed that babies were conceived through women waving out of bus windows at men. She was always anxious when travelling with her mother on a bus. She didn’t want any more brothers or sisters.

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      1. The pleasure is all mine.
        I was subversive, too – I designed an overhead transport system intended to save both petrol and the need for cars. Rails would be built, with rotating clockwork cogs all along them. The rail cars would be driven along by the cogs; they wouldn’t need their own machinery to get them going. They’d move constantly, and passengers would climb onto them by stepping on a covered, seated platform, and pulling a lever which started up, and accelerated until it reached the speed of the rail cars, when it would lock on, and the passengers would step aboard.
        I expect you’ve figured me out. They call my particular thing autism, but we whose brains are shaped differently are normal people in a world of insanity.

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  6. Lol great post! It is funny to think about some of those crazy things we were told as kids that we actually believed- like why would I even believe something like that it makes no sense! Lol some of those i actually haven’t heard though

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  7. When my ear were really dirty, they said that if I planted a seed in them, that a tree would grow. I actually did believe it. Thanks you for sharing.

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  8. My favourite one from my own childhood was that there was a really long building down the road from us that my Dad convinced us was the spaghetti factory.

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  9. Great post. I was told that if you stepped on a crack on the pavement you’d break your back. Funnily enough, I did break my back, but not on a crack in the pavement. Also if you used an old toothbrush and the bristles fell out while brushing, you’d get appendicitis. The eating crusts will make your hair curly one was a good one, when I was little I had dead straight hair, so I ate my crusts, now I have the curly hair curse !! My hair can be halfway down my back ( when I grow it ) when wet, and be as short as a bob when dry.

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  10. After watching Fantasia (the part where lava runs over the earth), I believed that if I wasn’t sitting on a piece of furniture, the floor could swallow me. I also believed that every time the heat/AC kicked on, I had to jump onto furniture or risk being swallowed. I don’t believe anyone told me this, it’s just what I believed for the longest time, no matter what my parents/brother told me to the contrary.

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      1. I’d like to say yes, but I think it depends on who you ask :/ I’m still terrified of making phone calls and other small things that other people think are “no big deal” and I’m all… everything is a big deal in my head, ok guys?

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      2. I understand that. I started putting myself out of my comfort zones, little things at a time to start with. I’m still not overly comfortable with a lot of things but there’s definite improvement. I think you just have to go at your own pace and not what others expect.

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      3. Thanks girl! Wise advice. I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to conform to my perception of everyone else’s expectations, but it’s way more important to take care of myself and work at my pace. 🙂

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  11. So I pulled it’s arms off…lol xD that made my day. I love seeing the world through my kids eyes now. I remember, I thought if you turned on the left and right blinkers at the same time, your car would split in half. And my sister thought everyone turned into a different color Crayola crayon when they died 🙂 have a happy day, dear!

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  12. I liked this one in your post: Life was in black and white before colour TV was invented. hahah.

    There was a childhood saying, If you stepped on a crack in the sidewalk, you’d break your mother’s back. That was always odd.

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  13. Things I heard when I was a kid is that if I gets any naughtier, I’ll be sold off to a rag and bones man OR I was picked up from a rubbish bin. Was scared then but it is sort of funny now LOL.

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  14. OMG, I relate so hard to ALL of them! Your dad was my dad with the life in black and white one! It’s so crazy how parenting evolves isn’t it? 18 years ago when my first baby was little I think I may have gone along with some of the funnier (see kinder) white lies like life in black and white and the melon pips. I instinctively knew that threatening kids with abandonment was a kind of shitty thing to do, even if in jest. (Sorry, no judgement on your parents, my family made similar jokes about sending me back where the found me ). Nowadays I see a lot parents questioning even Santa, the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy because they feel lying to their kids is wrong on all levels. It’s fascinates me. (Im totally not giving up on Santa, although I never threatened my kids bad behaviour with Santa watching or not visiting). Great post.

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  15. hehehe….i believed if i tied a read shit on my back while wearing blue, i would actually fly..and if i wrote God with a small G i would be cursed-this i still fear to date!!


  16. In Jamaica we have our own version of the tooth fairy. Apparently ‘rata’ takes your tooth and gives you a new one once you throw your tooth onto the roof and chant ‘Rata rata tek ole teeth and gimme new teeth’ a few times. I won’t judge if you don’t. 🙂

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  17. I read this and looked back fondly on my childhood- perhaps I was exposed to too many horror films as a child r.e the killer dolls 😂 but I think I’ve turned out not bad. You’re work is an enjoyable read 😌

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  18. You were traumatized by Chucky too!!! I watched a little of it on TV. by accident when I was little, scared the living **** out of me!
    Me: Oh look there are dolls in this movie, must be for kids…. Oh God, the doll has a knife, it’s chasing them! Not for kids, not for kids!!!!


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  19. I was told all of these except the last one and I am a month from being 49. We were called gullible instead of stupid. The only thing that comes to mind is when my father would have me pull his forefinger and he would fart … I seemed to always forget.

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