You’re no Prince Charming, I’ll rescue Myself. (A Poem) 

I wrote this poem because a lot of the time I find myself chasing fairytales and also because my head is up in the clouds, I don’t realise that my “Prince Charming” isn’t what he makes himself out to be. At the end of the day, I don’t to be rescued from anybody, I just need to be more aware and less naive. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time, stay creative.


You’re no Prince Charming, I’ll rescue myself:

Your deceptive ways fooled me for a while and I was too blind to see.

You were never the knight, I was never the damsel, you were always the villain to me.

You pretended to save me on your white, shiny horse, turns out it was covered in paint.

You showed your true colours and now I can see that you are in no way a saint.

I do not need a Saviour, I’ll rescue myself, I do not need to be saved.

You stole my sanity, but I’m taking it back, no longer will I be enslaved.

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  1. Empowering. It is good to be able to identify the imposters. But I hope that you don’t allow these people to dash your longings. I believe that the fairytale is real and that it will be fully actualized in the next life. We as women especially seem to have this epic fairytale written on our hearts. And there truly are outstanding guys out there, even if they are rare. I had a traumatic childhood but now I am married to a man who I describe to people as my knight-in-shining-armour. Yes, women can slay dragons, but women also have a deep longing to have their value so tremendously recognized that they don’t have to be the ones to slay those nasty dragons themselves. Don’t slay your own heart because of your disappointment in some imposters.

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