Drama Drama Drama

Last year was categorically the WORST  year of my life. Okay, that was a little bit dramatic. That’s all last year was for me, one huge drama fest. It was enough to give any reality TV show a run for its money! I got caught up in so much negativity that I became a different person. I was cynical, I didn’t trust anybody and I didn’t really feel I had a reason to be happy. The drama did not bode well with my anxiety and depression struggles, so I knew it was time to move away from it.

This isn’t me dwelling on the past, more reflecting and appreciating where I am today. Which is as far away from the drama than I have ever been. Cutting the drama out of my life has been a God send. I don’t feel the need to argue, I don’t feel negative towards others if their opinions differ from mine. I just get on with life and nothing is missing.

There is so much drama on the internet that sometimes it feels it is impossible to get away from, but you have to remember that you are your own filter. You can control what you see and if there is anything that you don’t there are plenty of methods to keep your innocent eyes from seeing such things.

Some of us, me included, can get sucked into drama. Usually when it’s not our own. We find it entertaining. I’ve followed drama of others and it’s fueled it in my own life. I’ve found now I surround myself with happiness, kindness and positivity, I am seeing way more of that and I’m slowly learning to deal with difficult situations a whole lot better if they happen to crop up.

I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means, I used to be the world’s greatest Drama Queen, but I’ve hung up my crown and opted for the quiet life.

Until next time, keep the drama on the TV!


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