Alcohol infused memories

I’m sure you called me beautiful
The room is spinning
I don’t want to forget

Sarainlalaland 2017 ©

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  1. Though it’s only a few lines. They’re a beautiful and well put few lines. I really enjoyed this. I wish more people would write short poetry with an impact. Rather than twenty page sonnets that end up meaning something that could have been a stanza or two.

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  2. patiently waiting in line
    to purchase a small bag of potatoes
    and thinking about your line
    “I don’t want to forget”
    have you forgotten 10,000 times before ?
    does your memory go back to caveman times ?
    you put alcohol in your title
    not a good start
    for a beautiful person

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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, Sara.

    My life becomes curious when the grapes are in a glass
    instead of a plate.
    Sometimes the grapes are bitter because I become that way, too.

    I really enjoy reading your poetry!

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  4. Sara! Loved this piece! So, simple yet meaningful! A wonderful example of the emotional response everyone universally want to hear. Loved the unique perspective of hearing the words one is longing to hear but being a little tipsy. Very clever!

    Thanks for coming to visit me!!

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