New Start

In order to make a new start, we need a plan and then we need action to put the plan into fruition. There are many hurdles to leap before we can actually say that we are making a new start. Sometimes we fall at the first hurdle. We decide upon something new and as soon as we don’t see it, we think we have failed.

I’m only now realising that this is the case, for me at least. Having the things I want so out of reach and this huge list in front of me, telling me what I need to do before I can even get onto that path that leads me to where I want to go.

I’ve been stuck in limbo for the last five years, feeling desperate to belong. Longing to call somewhere my home. I don’t have the simple capability of slowing down sometimes and I end up overwhelming myself and it’s a recipe for disaster.

For a long time I thought love was the answer, but in my pursuit for love I ended up losing myself. Now that I have finally taken my life back, I realise that I needed to love myself before I could let real love into my life.

I used chase that fairy tale ending, but what I failed to see was that it is the journey that is important. It is now that counts. For me it was easier living in a fantasy world than to realise that I was just lost and alone.

One hopes that with experience we can learn from our past blunders and can begin to decipher what is the real deal from what we are choosing to believe because it feels better than loneliness.

Now I can say I’m on the right path. It is a long road ahead, but as long as I try to stay grounded and not rush to the finish line, I think I can finally make it to where I want to be in life. It’s going to be tough. I might end up with my happily ever after, but I have to remember that there is life beyond that and it needs consistency. As much as I love the special moments, those temporary highs have gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past when I’ve come crashing back down to earth.

I don’t think I’ll leave my fantasy world completely, but if I do find I have my head in the clouds, I will just have to make sure I have my feet on the ground.

Until next time, believe in yourself and don’t let that first hurdle get you down!


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  1. Beautiful, Sara. I feel some of the pain and challenges which you describe, and I do hope that I can find my one true. I just continue being a real guy, while doing and giving my best along the often tumultuous and unexpected journey before us. I am calm, strength, loyalty, serenity, and like you we must be strong in who we are, to find the path of our hearts among life’s labyrinthine roads. Thank you for sharing.

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      1. I am an example of it, so whenever you are down, and can’t find yourself. Come to my end, I will help you find yourself. Since I have pass through many stages of life.

        So Yes you can, and Yes you should and Yes you will succeed.

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  2. I love your post. And it really is very important to remember everything starts with us, and we need to enjoy the journey while working for our goals, and we must also value mistakes as well as bitter experiences because those are life lessons.

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  3. Very poignant thoughts. I see glossy magazines sometimes, and stories of celebrities flitting from relationship to relationship, seemingly in some endless pursuit of happiness, love and companionship… and can’t help but wonder how many have stopped to consider that those things start with the self. It seems a very sad way to live. 😦

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  4. When we were kids my childhood best friend and I came up with this phrase. We were two bullied kids, trying to make it through the tough years – reality is too real for us we live in the abstract.
    And I think like you I’ve searched my whole life for the happy ending. And every time I get closer the happy ending moves further away- first it was when I find a husband, then when we are married , then when we have a baby and then another baby then more money. No think you are right. It’s like a saying I heard recently life is loved between the dashes on your headstone (your birth year and death year) and the dash is what matters.

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  5. It’s like being on a long walk in the wilderness: every now and again we need to stop and climb a tree to see how far we’ve come and how far we’ve yet to go, and most importantly, if we are still on our path.

    I trust you will do fine. You seem to have your head about you and you are intelligent. Just don’t get caught up in the hooplah and media frenzies. Thanks for sharing this important post.

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  6. There will be hurdles always in life. When we overcome one challenge/jump one hurdle, there will be a next one, and another, and each will be higher. This is for us to be stronger and go to that next level. We either overcome and succeed or fall down and fail. In life as human beings we are lucky to be able to choose and have choices 🙂
    Just as much as we need Happiness, pain and suffering also is needed if not we will never push our boundaries, make mistakes and learn our lessons. Its pain that makes us let go of things and people that hurt us. By letting go we make room for the new. “All endings are New beginnings and every moment, every day can bring those New Beginnings” If you find your head in the clouds start laying the foundation below. We all need a certain amount of fantasy in our lives to overcome certain dark days. Dreams, Fantasies are like rainbows in life. If you find your head in the clouds, start laying the foundation below. Love, Light and Healing Energies from me 🙂 ❤

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  7. Dear Sara, thank you for this post and many others as well. This one particularly resonates with me as I try to find myself and stay on course. It is so important to accept the fact that “beauty and love and all those tender things” can let you down and that we often have to just go it alone.And, we can; like the dragon fly, there is an inner strength and beauty in each of us.
    Angel in the dust

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