This is me

*note: this is a little rough, because I just wrote it. I will come back to it when I have some more time, but I hope you enjoy what I’ve got so far. 

I am the monster under my bed
I am the voices inside of my head

I am the shadow creeping up behind me

I am the ghosts I cannot see 

I am the paranoia that overwhelms my senses 

I am the devil on my shoulder with false pretences 

I am the cause of why I weep

I am the reason I cannot sleep

I am also the glint that’s in my eye 

I am also the reason for the highs

I am also the one behind smile

I am also why you want to stay a while 

I am also the reason the angel appears

I am also the reason I face my fears 

I am also the reason there is light

I am also the reason I don’t give up the fight 

I am her and she is me

I am all of what you see

Sarainlalaland 13/05/17

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  1. Beautiful! This piece shows the negative & positive of which creates life and that is within us all, the Yin & Yang. It also shows how “We” are who we are and believe it or not? We are in control and the masters of our lives, fears, joys, weaknesses & strengths. I love it!!!💕

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  2. *snaps fingers!* this is beautiful even for a draft so I know the final version will be great✨ we are our own worst enemy. But also our own best friend, we have good days and bad days but we choose to let light in or not

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  3. Seeing your writing really helps me not be that afraid of letting others read my feelings and thoughts (writing). My writing is really personal to me and I’m sure your writing is too. I just started writing today and although I don’t know much about writing, you inspire me to keep writing.

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  4. This kind of repetition can be tricky, but it’s handled quite nicely in this poem. Pretty good mix of abstractions and concrete images–something to hold onto and things to imagine. I like having something solid to hold onto, and I try to offer concrete images in my poems as guides to the reader.

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