Falling in lust 

I dive head first with my eyes closed

Falling into fragile love 

When it shatters like glass underneath me

I fall through 

I’m falling 

I keep falling

This doesn’t feel good anymore

The deeper I go, the worse I feel

It was a trick

It never was love 



    1. I’m sorry for your loss. It is a shame that a lot of people these days quit way earlier, so they would never know if it was true love. On the other hand, it seems to be easier to know if somebody is not right for you. In my experience anyway.

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    2. I think I understand perfectly your experiences in the first 20 years. Mine has been painful and I get scared by the passing of each day because it was neither love nor lust. And more painful because I just cant open up about it.

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  1. Really loved this! It’s sad that what is really lust and just physical attraction masquerades as love for as long as it can and then the mask comes off with devastating consequences most of the time. Very well done!!!

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  2. But we all would do it again, even after we are aware of the realm of illusion and desire. I think that is why the child in us still wants to be wowed by the illusionist. Hope for real magic (smile). Your work captures this.

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  3. So true! Love can feel like a trick sometime. It reminds me of a line it a song that goes, “The more we change the less we feel.” I believe it was the Smashing Pumpkin’s Tonight, Tonight.

    Don’t we feel like we give our hearts to another person like “fragile love?” But then that person can’t relate or doesn’t want to deal with our baggage, so the relationship ends. I have so been there!

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    1. Yep and then whatever you was that seemed like love, you can’t imagine where those feelings came from, when the person who is supposed to love you can’t accept you for who you are and discourages growth whilst enabling negative behavior.


  4. Wow, great poem!

    I am reminded of another..

    “Do not wake up love.. before it’s time!”

    The way that I found my husband was from waiting, letting go.. and working on what was important first..

    That’s when he came up beside me and we were on the same page… 🙂

    That is why it is soo important when entering a relationship.. to have friendship and romance before physical touch. As tempting as that can be if you give in first there will always be another mask to pull off after bodily committed :/

    Weigh the pros and cons.. find out the cons first! 😉 -thats what dating is meant to be for.. :/ finding out who they are first. Not a fling that lasts a month and leaves you empty again.. 😦

    Also, I remember my mama saying never write a blank check with your mouth that your body can’t cash. 💸

    Knowing I wouldn’t say I love you til it matched our commitment. Say, engagement and sex til “death do us part” actually was the best thing we could do for our us-ness to last! More eternal! : )

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    1. Friendship is so important and I never realised that until recently. I’ve felt such a difference in having a fulfilling relationship versus an fast paced fling then quickly turned to nothing, resulting in fighting to keep any sort of life in it.

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