Can we change? 

Self destruction mode activating…

No, please!

Self destruction mode activating in 3, 2…

No, please. Come on, I’ve worked so hard…

Must stay consistent…

But everything is different now, things have changed!

Misery is consistent, must activate misery…

I don’t want to be that way again. Please there must be another way…

Programmed to self destruct when happiness ensues… 

I don’t want to mess things up this time. I could do it, I could be happy. Please!

Happiness is beyond our capabilities, we must self destruct… 

Things can change…

Things never change…

It doesn’t mean that they never will. Please… No… Wait… Stop!

Self destruction mode ACTIVATED


  1. Old LWBUT proverb… “You’ll never go hungry feeding off negative energy!” 😉

    It really is inexhaustible! – Now the good news… Nature is all about balance! For every erg of negative energy there exists somewhere in the Universe the exact same amount of positive energy! Fancy that!?

    You are truly free to make your own choices as to which you feed upon or from.

    Many times i understand that it does not actually seem that you are all that free to choose but just remember: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (a basic law of the physical universe). There is always a positive to counter the negative (Warning! it also works the other way too!). I suggest you get into the habit of thinking and believing this on a daily basis.

    One other thought – fighting a negative thought or feeling usually increases it’s energy – it feeds off your doubts and insecurities making it harder to generate enough positive feeling to overcome it. Don’t consciously fight the negative – ignore it as much as possible, or laugh at it, make it seem absurd. This will reduce it’s power over you and at the same time try to do things that give pleasure and peace of mind, like a walk in the park, listen to your favourite (positive) music or look at nature blogs or ones with cute furry animals 😉

    We were not meant to be in a permanent state of happiness, just as we were not meant to be in a permanent state of despair. We should all accept and learn from both cases, as well as all the ones in between.

    Or at least that’s my philosophy 🙂


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      1. Happy to be of help. Balance in the universe is a thing i have been studying lately 😉

        We should always try to live a balanced life as this will keep us in harmony with nature. 🙂
        We should be careful of spirals that can keep dragging us down but then also need to be aware of thermals that lift us higher than we really should be – find the happy medium!


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