Inspiration stirs inside me

Words, visions, heartache, happiness

I’m ready for anything 



  1. Love this Sara. I’m usually up for a challenge but you may have noticed from my recent posts my current challenge maybe a step too far. The jury’s out still whether I continue or call it quits. Onwards and upwards. 😎

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  2. Hi Sara, thanks for liking my poem about the Wye. I wanted to put a comment on your About page but couldnt find anywhere to put it there! I too suffer rom Anxiety and Depression and so does my youngest daughter, it runs in our family but at least she is getting help with it, I need did until it became ingrained but I have learnt to overcome it a bit and live with it when I can’t. So be encouraged, and your creative bent will help you process it and no doubt give you inspiration at time too!! Anyway, wanted to say my blog iWonderlust ( is in part my response to those problems, like yours is too. And I love the name you gave it!!! Best of luck with it

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