I have an irrational fear of spiders, ever since I was a child I remember dreaming often of them and in my dreams they were huge. Still to this day I dream of spiders, or wake up and think I see them and I have no idea why. This is a short poem I wrote one morning when I woke from yet another spider dream.

Sorry my posts have been lacking, I’ve struggled to find the time and inspiration. I am working on a bigger post at the moment though and it should be finished in the next couple of days.

Let me know what you’re afraid of. Also, if you have any ideas of why I have these spider dreams, I would love to finally get to the bottom of it!

Until next time, I hope you’re having a good week.

– Sara

The spiders shuffle swift and keen,
They come near to me to watch me scream,
They never leave my line of sight,
I see them when I dream at night,
They’re nightmarish
They follow me
I wish the spiders would let me be.Β 



  1. I used to have the same type of dreams, but with extra-terrestrials! Always I would awake and look to the window, a moment of drowsy fear that an alien would be by my window. I had them as a child through my teens. Now I’m 24 and after several years of this recurring nightmare not plaguing my sleep, I had one this month. And it terrified me greatly. So much so that I was driven to writing my own poem!

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  2. My sister also fears spider. But I feel it’s because of your great fear of spiders that causes you to have spider dreams. When you fear them, they control your everything, but you’ve got to control them in your thoughts and everything because you’ve got dominion over it, then you’ll start getting the free slowly, little by little, one step at a time and eventually. Only if you’re ready

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  3. I like Freud’s approach to dream analysis: it’s about what it means FOR YOU… so think about what you associate spiders with, free associate… from your poem, it seems like perhaps they are associated with something else that might ‘never leave your line of sight’…?


      1. When I was a kid, I went to (I think) Ripley’s Believe It or Not. At the start there was a big mirror with a sign saying “only 30 percent of people can roll their tongue”. So I’m there rolling my tongue in the mirror and feeling special. Anyway, at the end of the exhibit, you end up in the other side of the mirror, and it was 2 way glass. I stupid there watching all these saps rolling their tongue. My brain decided that all mirrors had people behind them, watching me.

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      2. It’s one of those things which causes me much distress at times, but if I had the chance to change it, I wouldn’t. There’s a variety of similar things in my head.

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  4. I used to fear them as well…could be because I have an allergic reaction to bites, lol! But yeah, I would be standing there, burst into a cold sweat, afraid to even move. I still don’t care for them too much. But living in Mississippi for almost a year? I’ve seen so many various critters, bugs, insects…I kind of got used to it. I use Diatomaceous Earth around the house just in case. Dreaming them? That’s the subconscious using your fears to teach and or show you something. We all have to deal and or confront our fears in our own way. Goodluck!

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  5. I am utterly petrified of spiders. They show up in my dreams rarely but when they do its a lasting image that sticks in my head. I have a similar thing i am not afraid of which comes up in a lot of dreams and when it does those dreams stay in my head all day as well. There is a specific ‘feeling’ that comes with it. When you dream of spiders, even if the content and scenario is different, does the emotion you have on waking ‘feel’ the same usually?

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  6. I’m not sure of the dream symbolism behind spiders, but besides being creepy and crawly they trap their prey and suck life out of them. They probably also destroy more disease ridden mosquitos. So for me I would think I possibly felt trapped and like I was getting the life sucked out of me and possibly maybe there was some fear I needed to face. I told you before I think too much πŸ™‚

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  7. You know you are not alone, arachnophobia, it has it’s own name. I am in a fortunate minority, I love them, I could watch then for hours. Industrious weavers of delicate webs that glisten with dew in the morning sun, consumers of pesky flies, try to think they are friend not foe. I understand though, my partner is terrified of them and it’s my job to gently remove them – of course! Inexplicably I’m scared of the dark. Sweet dreams. TJD

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  8. Since I live in a pesticide-free home, I have lots of spiders (and bites). I’ve written a few poems about them because I chose to look at them as the folklore character Spider Woman. She weaves the tales of our lives so maybe the dreams are prodding you to write! write! write! (must admit, though, my phobia are rats and mice. not sure what that message would be!)

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  9. I’ve always feared them too. But I’ve tried desensitisation and it helps.
    About the dreams, it’s true that you must analyse your dream upon what spiders mean to you, but there’s more. You need to combine three aspects. The symbolic meaning (i.e. by Jung, the collective symbolism), the meaning in your culture/environment and your own experience (what are the feelings in the dream, not necessarily connected to spiders, but the dream as a whole). Spiders symbolise creativity and fertility/copiousness/productivity.
    Do you fear your creativity? Are you a procrastinator? Do you fear to have kids?

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  10. Fear of Spiders … I can totally relate. No spider is too small for me to start becoming anxious. And why, when you spot one in the corner of the ceiling, will it always creep its way along the ceiling so that it is directly above where I am sitting!

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  11. Lovely piece… Short little nice poem. It was a wonderful piece to read. I just hate it when I walk into their web with my face all in it, and next thing it’s like I’m having a Kung Fu lesson trying to get it off my face. But just like someone said, I think when you stop being afraid, the nightmares will stop too.

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