Things that make me happy

Just so you do not think I am all doom and gloom, here is a list of things that bring joy to my life. 

  • My dog, Ralph
  • My mother – her kindness and caring and the fact she has shown me that it does not matter your age, you can still learn 
  • My sisters who I can always turn to
  • My friends who I do not get to see as often as I would like, but we can always pick off where we left off
  • Writing – even if it seems dark, it is always a good release and leaves me feeling more positive 
  • The WordPress community who have truly shocked me by showing that there are still kind people on the other side of the screens
  • Gaming – delving into an adventure by myself and getting lost in a good story for a few hours, playing socially with friends, or spending time with my other half and always laughing 
  • Netflix – with tv shows I can pick up anytime I like and enjoying things that make me feel good or leave me thinking  
  • Crafts – sometimes when I’m in the mood, I love a bit of diy and I love seeing the end result whilst also enjoying the soothing process 
  • Music – I really could not do without it 
  • Good food – I am not great at cooking, but I am excellent at eating and there is nothing more I enjoy than trying new dishes 
  • Travelling – in the last five years I have experienced so much and not just visited places, but lived there and got a little understanding into different cultures
  • Magpies – do not ask me why, but they are my favourite bird and whenever I see one, it brings a smile to my face and I know I will have a good day
  • The full moon – The beeming white light of the full moon fills me with joy and make me feel re-energised 
  • The beach – I do not get to visit them often, but I always feel at home by the sea
  • My boyfriend – who has been a huge support system since before we got together, he always brightens my day. Not a day goes by he doesn’t make me laugh. With him in my life, I can actually see a future. We do not just have a relationship, we have an amazing friendship. 

I’m sure there are a lot more, but there are the ones that sprung to mind whilst writing this. 

I have to give an honourable mention to Bob Ross, because I truly beloved if we all channeled a little of his mentality and positive yet gentle energy, the world would be a better place. 

I have a lot in my life that I appreciate and make me realise that despite anything that has gone on in my life, I’m a very lucky girl. 

Until next time, appreciate what you have!

– Sara 



  1. This is cool. I feel like a lot of focus of writers seems to focus upon dumping all the negative emotion out and not that that’s a bad thing at all but it’s nice to take stock in the things that are going well too.

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    1. Definitely. I know I am one of those of whom you speak, because I used writing as a coping mechanism for depression, so I was always inspired by negativity and channelled it into what is on this blog. I am trying to find a way now to do it with all of the positive forces too.

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    1. I do indeed. Many a night have I listened to his soothing voice to help me get to sleep.

      I’m exceptionally happy that my relationship with my partner did not take away our friendship. It’s the perfect balance. πŸ™‚

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  2. A fabulous list! It is easy to get a skewed view of a person from their writing; lovely to read this. You are by all accounts a well rounded human being and wouldn’t it be dull if we were just vanilla all the time?

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  3. You are doing the best thing possible. What you have written are about the good things that are in your life. Being grateful and writing gratitudes is the Best way to shift your mind on to the right path of healing. Keep going and its good if you can have a gratitude diary or share e mails with even a friend or friends Love and Light πŸ™‚ ❀

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  4. Hmm. As a writer of gloom and doom I think it’s time to write something like this too. Remind people of how we do have things to look forward to.

    I’ll write a post soon and I’m glad you decided to remind us of some of the great things in life.

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  5. WordPress is the best. I forget how many years I have been blogging here, but I have met a lot of great people from all over the world who have been better friends than those few I actually have here, where ever it is, I am.

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  6. It’s a great habit to reflect on the things that bring us happiness. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can help us smile: scented candles, a good book, funny traditions, coffee, eclectic journals.

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  7. I love this post and need to do one of these again, though I did some similar posts already in the past. I tend to look on the darker side of things, but it fills me with joy just reading your post. In my case, writing is high on my list too.

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