Things that make me happy

Just so you do not think I am all doom and gloom, here is a list of things that bring joy to my life. 

  • My dog, Ralph
  • My mother – her kindness and caring and the fact she has shown me that it does not matter your age, you can still learn 
  • My sisters who I can always turn to
  • My friends who I do not get to see as often as I would like, but we can always pick off where we left off
  • Writing – even if it seems dark, it is always a good release and leaves me feeling more positive 
  • The WordPress community who have truly shocked me by showing that there are still kind people on the other side of the screens
  • Gaming – delving into an adventure by myself and getting lost in a good story for a few hours, playing socially with friends, or spending time with my other half and always laughing 
  • Netflix – with tv shows I can pick up anytime I like and enjoying things that make me feel good or leave me thinking  
  • Crafts – sometimes when I’m in the mood, I love a bit of diy and I love seeing the end result whilst also enjoying the soothing process 
  • Music – I really could not do without it 
  • Good food – I am not great at cooking, but I am excellent at eating and there is nothing more I enjoy than trying new dishes 
  • Travelling – in the last five years I have experienced so much and not just visited places, but lived there and got a little understanding into different cultures
  • Magpies – do not ask me why, but they are my favourite bird and whenever I see one, it brings a smile to my face and I know I will have a good day
  • The full moon – The beeming white light of the full moon fills me with joy and make me feel re-energised 
  • The beach – I do not get to visit them often, but I always feel at home by the sea
  • My boyfriend – who has been a huge support system since before we got together, he always brightens my day. Not a day goes by he doesn’t make me laugh. With him in my life, I can actually see a future. We do not just have a relationship, we have an amazing friendship. 

I’m sure there are a lot more, but there are the ones that sprung to mind whilst writing this. 

I have to give an honourable mention to Bob Ross, because I truly beloved if we all channeled a little of his mentality and positive yet gentle energy, the world would be a better place. 

I have a lot in my life that I appreciate and make me realise that despite anything that has gone on in my life, I’m a very lucky girl. 

Until next time, appreciate what you have!

– Sara 


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