Nine Lives

Something that has piqued my interest recently is what would I do if I had 9 lives. Being aware that I had them and being reborn like a phoenix, but only being limited to 9 lives. They would be different as time would still pass as normal, loved ones would eventually pass and each time I was “reborn” I would be aware I was on the next life. It’s a bit convoluted and without set rules, but I wondered would I do everything the same? Would I change the way I thought and lived each time? Would I choose to be reckless, risk it all, because I know I’d get another chance?

Obviously nothing could be exactly the same because my environment would differ as time went on and I would hope I would be wiser having nine lives under my belt. I was reading a book series recently where a man sacrificed 14 people to gain 14 lives to outlive a cat who he despised. It is a silly concept, but it really got me thinking if I would be more daring at living if I knew I had so much more time than I do right now.

Would there be one love who I could never get over? After they left me, would there be a void that could never be filled no matter how many lives I had? Would I have to age every time I passed into a new life? There are 101 questions I have running through my mind which is making this one topic pretty complex and the more I think about it, the more I do not have answers!

I think if I was aware I’d have chances to start over again, it would make me a little less anxious but at the same time and very contradictory, I’d still want to get things right because this life might be the best one I got.

One thing I know I would do is learn as much as physically possible about the past, present and future. I would know how and things worked, I’d learn multiple languages, I would have the chance to literally explore the world. I would definitely spend a lot of lives trying to discover the secrets of the world. Understanding it with deeper meaning would be amazing. I think I would enjoy growing with the changes. I mean in this life, technology has soared and I’ve witnessed it. I remember when playing with glass marbles was about as exciting as it got and now you can learn about just about anything from a tiny screen that fits in your pocket. It makes me wonder just how much further technology has to go. There are so many undiscovered, un-invented things and they are completely imaginable. Hey, I could even discover one myself!

This post could go on forever, it is a lot to think about and I have not even scratched the surface, but I will leave it here for now. I would love to know how you would live your own 9 lives if you got the chance.

Until next time, welcome to inside my head.


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    1. See I don’t know. If you were literally reborn then I suppose you would lose the memory of having the lives in your infant mind. I think perhaps it would be like a checkpoint, but then that poses the question: Do you age? This is why I’m lost on the thought!

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  1. That was very interesting and there is a lot to ponder here. The first thing that comes to my mind is if you start a new life, are you starting with a blank slate or would you remember all the events of your previous lives?

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  2. I sometimes get called ‘an old soul’. The connotation is that while my body and conscious mind may be new in my life, my spirit has lived many times before.
    What if all the brain mass that we supposedly don’t use is given to us to store our past lives’ experience in our subconscious?
    Anyway, I watched Highlander, and I reckon one century is about long enough for one lifetime!

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  3. VERY thought provoking post!! As I read it, what kept coming to my mind is, this is all about getting the most out of life; in your case under the precept of multiple existences. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around nine lives, so I guess it’s causing me to ask myself if/how I can optimize the life I have today. Actually a very relevant question given the crisis/transition I’m in the middle of. I like your question; I’m glad it made me think about mine!!

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  4. Definitely read books as much as I can. Amaze teachers with my profiencey of alphabets and addition. Creep people from old lives with some private information. Form a syndicate. Or the assassin’s creed. Fight the authority. Mess with the world enough, so god or whoever gave me the wish, takes me away before nine lifes.

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  5. I’m liking the inside of your head very much! I started reading and said to myself “goodness, I’ve a life I’d live again” …. if I had nine I’d probably do this one over! A wonderful upbringing, gratitude for so much (career,friends, family,opportunities etc). The real secret is to live multiple lives in whatever time we have as – by living to the fullest!

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  6. The first thing I thought of was this novel called The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North. People exist who are born, live and die, and then return to their birth and live again. All their memories of previous lives come back shortly after they turn one, and they can live slightly differently, or radically differently.

    I have thought of a situation where you die, and enter a room where you can return to any previous point and live again from that point. All the possibilities, especially the further back you go… And you would live infinitely, yet still die many times.

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      1. It IS interesting. I liked it a lot. She has two other novels, one about a woman who disappears from everyone’s memories the instant they take their eyes off her, and one about a woman who died, but touched someone and possessed them, and passes from person to person in that way. All of them are fantastic.

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  7. Pretty interesting concept. I think in this hypothetical way, we would reincarnate in a different body and accumulate our previous memories once we age–like downloading it from a database or Akashic Record. But in a way, we’re all living different lives. We’re never the same person we were at any given moment. The person reading this will be different from the person writing it. Details in memories change as you try to recall them, cells in our bodies die and get replaced. I could probably go on at length about this, since one of my favorite philosophical subjects to write stories about is Personal Identity over time.

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  8. Wow, just WOW ! Love this post on so many levels !! When I read it late last night, I knew I would be thinking about it all night (I am currently coming off a drug for my Manic Depression, so not really sleeping). I am a Gemini, and coupled with the Manic Depression, I have always thought I am living multiple existences at the same time. I really identify with the concept of the Twin beings of a Gemini. Also, having a mental illness, and the irrational stigma surrounding mental illness, you do live a double life, the life as you know it, and the public persona, which quite often are two polar beings. I can be absolutely dying inside, but look as happy as Larry. I think you really have to make the most of life, learning quickly from your mistakes, all that stuff. I have been reborn 2 times so far in this existence, well that’s the way I see it anyhow, firstly when my teenage years came to a close, then when I finally left 14 years of abuse perpetrated by my former wife. I now feel I am coming to another renewal, hence why I call my own blog Worn Out Phoenix. I am just about to explode into flames, and will once again rise from the ashes.

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  9. “Would there be one love who I could never get over? After they left me, would there be a void that could never be filled no matter how many lives I had?”

    While you never forget the people that you love, I would say the idea of never being able to get over someone is over romanticized. Not moving on after so many years is not a sign of love and devotion, but rather proof that someone is unwilling to cope. It’s rather masochistic.

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  10. Beautiful blog;-). Great question. 9 lives? I don’t even think i’d want to come back here 8 more times human life is mentally exhausting lol. Hmm I wouldn’t mind living the life of an octopus though πŸ‘½

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  11. I would enjoy each day given to me and Rock Out Life the Best I can, love and enjoy an Amazing Relationship, share many warm kisses and embraces, write and make music under the stars ✨🎢🌌

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