Sleep evades 

Hello again, 

I work a couple of night shifts a week and I struggle with staying asleep once I return home. Just like today, I’ve only managed about three hours, if that and I have to do it all again tonight, lucky me! The sleep deprivation has inspired this poem, so I guess that is something good. Well, I’ll let you decide. 

Until next time, please keep the noise to a minimum. 

– Sara 
Please just shut up, I’m trying to sleep

But it is just too loud now, so I silently weep

Waiting for hours for a deep sleep to creep

But reaching that slumber, it just seems too steep 

And I can’t for the noises they storm through my brain 

Like a train on the tracks and it drives me insane 

And the tears go away and my eyes fill with pain 

Another night of this, I can’t do it again 

I also contend with the fact that it’s light 

This would be simple if it was simply night 

But sleep it eludes me, it’s out of my sight 

Now I’m laying here and the noises I just cannot fight

My tiredness seems to have my writing in rhyme

This poem is so bad that it’s surely a crime

I do need more sleep, oh look at the time 

I’ll try once again, back to bed do I climb 


  1. Two thoughts, one, not being able to sleep is just awful, yes the voice of experience here. Last night was my first good night’s sleep for a couple of weeks. And, like you, I do love my sleep. I enjoy power naps too, when I can.

    Second thought, the poem is charming, because it is part of the process of not sleeping and a tired mind spilling out random thoughts onto the blankness. No, it’s not neat, but why should it be? Not sleeping is very distant from neatness, it is ragged and confused and yes, sad too. I loved it for what it was, a token of a non sleeper, reaching out.

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      1. As as a writer, we all need a reader’s perspective, yet seldom gain it, where our own work is concerned. It’s like a roundabout, it goes around in a circle, with a writer placing work before the reader and that reader picking up on things which so often went unnoticed by the author.

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