Leaving Social Media

Bar giving up on blogging (Which keeps me sane), I have totally given up on social media. I have personally found it to be time wasting and distracting with no real benefits, except getting a little ego boost every now and then if you do well in the online “popularity contest”.

Facebook I only really used out of habit in the end and to keep in touch with family members. All in all my usage minimised  naturally and the habit of checking it every five minutes for absolutely no reason just died on its own. These days I do not even talk to my family on there, so I just saw no reason it keeping up with it in the end.

For Twitter it was a different story, for I was very active and I spoke to a lot of people on there all day every day. Either shooting the breeze or trying to dole out some positive encouragement if I saw someone was feeling down. In the end I took a break from checking it regularly and even deleted it from my phone. Nobody even noticed I was gone and I actually felt my sanity returning from the break and once I realised that the people on there were just not bothered whether or not I was there, I felt no reason to keep the account going and deactivated it. If I am honest, I got into the hype of getting a high follow count and just could not keep up. There was no real value in all the time I was spending on the site and so the logical thing was to avoid it altogether.

Snapchat I used to enjoy. I mostly kept it to just friends I knew personally. I did have a few Twitter followers on there too, but did revert to it being just friends after a while. Recently the app seems to be very invasive, even giving out the options for your friends to see exactly where you are and apparently even what you are doing. I know I can choose whether or not to share my location, but even just the thought of it being an option has put me off the app altogether and no amount of puppy filters is going to change my mind on that one.

Instagram I deleted off of my phone the same time I deleted Twitter and again, if I am honest I posted on there for the self esteem boosts I would get from the likes on my pictures. That vanity in me seems to have diminished and I just do not care anymore about how my physical appearance is perceived by strangers on the internet. I have not even thought to reinstall it. Until just now I even forgot about it!

For this site, I do not even know if you would call it a social media site. I do interact with strangers on here, but I feel like it is worth while because the thoughts and opinions I share on here are completely different from anything I would post on Twitter and Facebook. On WordPress, I enjoy it as a platform to be myself, as open as I choose to be and the people on here seem so much more genuine. I am not bashing the other sites of course, I mean they have millions upon millions of users and I am just one person with an opinion.

Since leaving social media, my attention span has dramatically increased. This has led me to perform better at work, actually listen to people when they are talking to me and generally, if you add up all of those wasted minutes (only my opinion), I have more time to do more worthwhile things such as reading. I believe it has also reduced a lot of my irrational anxiety, that or it has coincidentally reduced at around the same time.

Again these are just my opinions. People use social media outlets for their own reasons and not every one of them will be the same as mine. I have just found that my own quality of life has increased since leaving and I do not miss them at all.

Anyway, rant over. Apologies that this is not one of my usual blogs, but sometimes it is just good to vent! If you do get anything positive out of social media I would love to hear what you think too.

Until next time, this is me logging off.


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  1. True. The image you have used here is so real. Whenever I go out for lunch or dinner at a restaurant, I find couple sitting together, but instead of talking to each other they spend time on their phones. The usage of social media website is for fake popularity or consent one might look for but it leaves a hollow inside people who are alone and make them suffer.

    It’s been quite a time when I deactivated my facebook account. But none of the facebook friends seemed to notice that I am not on the social media platform anymore. That’s the truth of social media!

    It’s just meant for businesses.

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  2. This was interesting. I have been blogging for just a little less than a year and like most new bloggers, want to build a good base of followers. I still haven’t made a Facebook page, because I feel like I will be spending a lot of time responding to people’s comments on there. I already have Instagram and that takes so much time. So I guess my struggle is b/w trying to build a base yet not get consumed with social media.
    I debated starting a Facebook page, but disabling comments. So if anyone wanted to comment, they could do it on my blog page? That way I have only one place to look at and respond – if that makes sense.

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