Leaving Social Media

Bar giving up on blogging (Which keeps me sane), I have totally given up on social media. I have personally found it to be time wasting and distracting with no real benefits, except getting a little ego boost every now and then if you do well in the online “popularity contest”.

Facebook I only really used out of habit in the end and to keep in touch with family members. All in all my usage minimised ย naturally and the habit of checking it every five minutes for absolutely no reason just died on its own. These days I do not even talk to my family on there, so I just saw no reason it keeping up with it in the end.

For Twitter it was a different story, for I was very active and I spoke to a lot of people on there all day every day. Either shooting the breeze or trying to dole out some positive encouragement if I saw someone was feeling down. In the end I took a break from checking it regularly and even deleted it from my phone. Nobody even noticed I was gone and I actually felt my sanity returning from the break and once I realised that the people on there were just not bothered whether or not I was there, I felt no reason to keep the account going and deactivated it. If I am honest, I got into the hype of getting a high follow count and just could not keep up. There was no real value in all the time I was spending on the site and so the logical thing was to avoid it altogether.

Snapchat I used to enjoy. I mostly kept it to just friends I knew personally. I did have a few Twitter followers on there too, but did revert to it being just friends after a while. Recently the app seems to be very invasive, even giving out the options for your friends to see exactly where you are and apparently even what you are doing. I know I can choose whether or not to share my location, but even just the thought of it being an option has put me off the app altogether and no amount of puppy filters is going to change my mind on that one.

Instagram I deleted off of my phone the same time I deleted Twitter and again, if I am honest I posted on there for the self esteem boosts I would get from the likes on my pictures. That vanity in me seems to have diminished and I just do not care anymore about how my physical appearance is perceived by strangers on the internet. I have not even thought to reinstall it. Until just now I even forgot about it!

For this site, I do not even know if you would call it a social media site. I do interact with strangers on here, but I feel like it is worth while because the thoughts and opinions I share on here are completely different from anything I would post on Twitter and Facebook. On WordPress, I enjoy it as a platform to be myself, as open as I choose to be and the people on here seem so much more genuine. I am not bashing the other sites of course, I mean they have millions upon millions of users and I am just one person with an opinion.

Since leaving social media, my attention span has dramatically increased. This has led me to perform better at work, actually listen to people when they are talking to me and generally, if you add up all of those wasted minutes (only my opinion), I have more time to do more worthwhile things such as reading. I believe it has also reduced a lot of my irrational anxiety, that or it has coincidentally reduced at around the same time.

Again these are just my opinions. People use social media outlets for their own reasons and not every one of them will be the same as mine. I have just found that my own quality of life has increased since leaving and I do not miss them at all.

Anyway, rant over. Apologies that this is not one of my usual blogs, but sometimes it is just good to vent! If you do get anything positive out of social media I would love to hear what you think too.

Until next time, this is me logging off.


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  1. I feel honoured to have shared a short while conversing away from here, but feel doubly so that I am able to still witness and read your thoughts through your posts here. Thank you for the hand of friendship you accepted, and your inspiration that you share with us all.

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  2. You were wise to let go of the tether. I too have become quite disengaged, though I still have a presence on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, such as they are. I haven’t posted anything recently except to share my blog posts to FB. But that too has been discouraging, as I may get 200 views and only 1 “like.” It’s disheartening when I think about it too deeply, like they don’t care, or perhaps I’m not connecting with them. The response is so different on WP, where people are real. I think you nailed it with that one. On social media sites you are expected to put your best foot forward at all times, and if you try to be real, people run the other way. On WP I can be real, and I can connect with others who are real. It’s beautiful.

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    1. I think when someone knows you personally, they probably think they already know all there is to know and thus it could come off as a chore to then read something we have written. I have never shared my blog on Facebook, just because of the fact that although I’m happy to be open about myself, I still don’t feel comfortable with anyone having access to my every thought and feeling. This way I can be open and keep some anonymity whilst sharing with only a few close people who I know will understand what I write.

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  3. Definately social media is an energy drain. I only joined facebook in 2012 and fell ino bad habits and then i left .

    But since starting this blog I restarted facebook. I joined twitter , instagram for the sole purpose blogging.

    Blogging is different to other social media, but i do spend a bit to much time on blogging and trading others posts. Which is something i want to get better st. Instead of diving into my blog as often as i do, to only view it a couple of times a day.

    Great post and great picture.

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  4. Facebook for me is a medium to keep up with my family as most if not all live overseas and internet is cheaper than a weekly phone call. Even then it’s at a minimum. I use it to waste time if I’m waiting for a bus.
    It does annoy me when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and their head is in their phone.

    You did a good thing leaving it.

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    1. Thank you. I get that, I do go abroad often and in the long run I will be living abroad, so the use of internet definitely will save me a few pennies when I want to speak to family.


  5. Social media can definitely be a double edged sword. I know people who are attached to their smart phones, people who will never buy a smart phone, and people who simply live without a phone because of the pressures it can bring. I suppose at the end of the day, it’s about what works for you. I admire those who can attain internet fame and maybe bring some good to the world through that, as well as the instagram models, the makeup artists, etc. But I also admire those who live off the grid and can sustain themselves, completely disconnected from the world. Of course, I fall somewhere in between, but I definitely see the benefits of disconnecting.

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  6. Pleased to meet ya. You write well, though since you and I are of completely different interests I may not be the right person to say. LOL

    Anyway, to the point. I’ve been on social media since before the term was coined. And I am learning not to expect much, unless I have a specific question. I’m more there because of what I can give than what I can get. Cheers!

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  7. I also did this!!! Only for a month, to see how things pan out but even now, weeks after, I’m very rarely on social media (save for WordPress).
    The benefits are really endless and it’s pretty cool to see other people thinking the same way as I do!

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  8. I have been weaning myself off of social media and it is rather freeing. My job in the real world is based on it, so I still need to hang on a bit, but my personal presence is definitely gone. Like you, my blog is a different animal. It’s my release in a world of crazy. I can’t give up that.

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  9. I relate to this in so many ways! Getting rid of social media is honestly freeing – for your self esteem, less drama, and more time to do more productive things. I deleted my social media at some point when I was in university because I realized I was spending a lot of time on there when I should have been studying.

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  10. i had a fairly tough facebook habit and went through several quittings and restarts – last pull-out was about eight months ago – some of the breaks were hard but this time it’s been easy – don’t miss it at all. Got a twitter account that I don’t use at all.
    I don’t see blogging as the same thing at all (although I wouldn’t put it past the platform honchos to try and steer the mood that way). I use it to share writings and such; and as far as I know I don’t personally know anyone who might happen to read whatever I present.
    Social media to me is like baring all of one’s personal life to the world while blogging is presenting works/ideas/project-in-progress…. I’m not too interested in advertising much of my personal life because it ain’t nobody’s business. And I frankly don’t care about others’ personal lives; but I’m glad and grateful they allow me to peruse their stuff (that is, whenever I get off this cyber-ass and go look around).

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  11. For you your choices were reasonable and sound. For me with four blogs and various writing sites social media helps me to get my word out. I do not sit on FB but I do know that what I post gets into my timeline and I can converse with my friends at any time end of story. Twitter I am most never on but I do tweet a lot because for me what I tweet comes around and others do me good to tweet my posts but no on there for hours either. When I have posts to share I love sharing to my Google + groups and have made very many wonderful and talented friends online. Again I’m there for the sharing and the support. So for me the social media works and I don’t have to spend hours in any one place.

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  12. i personally believe that social media sites are full of drama and ignorance and they are there to dumb and corrupt the mind of the weak minded(and weaken our minds threw and through othdr means/methods) stay awake and be aware. peace, love and positivity to all that read this.

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    1. Not criticising anything. I am giving my reasons as to why I don’t use platforms such as Twitter anymore. People find their own uses and I had a difference of opinion that is all. I definitely did not condemn anything.

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  13. Omg thank you so much for this post. I just recently got into this blogging world which I love because it’s more of a safe space and I can be myself. I recently just conpleted my degree and I’m still looking for employment, and I’ve often found myself feeling sorry for myself and unconsciouasly comparing myself to people I follow on my social media sites.

    I’m slowly working on minimizing my social media presence for my sanity and I hope to get to a place where I can completely let go, especially twitter.

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  14. Thank you for being so honest. So many times I have wanted to quit all social media or even find what’s the true purpose of it. The one positive thing I will say is that I appreciate all the connections that I have made. Of course with the good comes the bad as well.

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  15. After leaving social media for more than a month- I had realized that there are other important things to do that will literally will help you to grow. The biggest change I noticed is that my attention span is drastically increased…

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  16. I can relate on this post. I also get rid my social media platforms. Only spend more time reading people’s blog and twitter for knowing latest news around the world. I’m now much aware and appreciate my surrounding better than before.

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    1. Aww I’m sorry you feel that way. I understand though. I have seen, especially on Twitter, that there is such a popularity contest feel. It was like being back at school. Might well be my fault though, with who I chose to follow.


  17. Yasss Sarah! This post is so refreshing ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ
    I literally just wrote on the subject, and began to wonder if I might be the only person thinking like this. A quick tag search showed me I’m in great company! =)

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  18. True. The image you have used here is so real. Whenever I go out for lunch or dinner at a restaurant, I find couple sitting together, but instead of talking to each other they spend time on their phones. The usage of social media website is for fake popularity or consent one might look for but it leaves a hollow inside people who are alone and make them suffer.

    It’s been quite a time when I deactivated my facebook account. But none of the facebook friends seemed to notice that I am not on the social media platform anymore. That’s the truth of social media!

    It’s just meant for businesses.

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  19. This was interesting. I have been blogging for just a little less than a year and like most new bloggers, want to build a good base of followers. I still haven’t made a Facebook page, because I feel like I will be spending a lot of time responding to people’s comments on there. I already have Instagram and that takes so much time. So I guess my struggle is b/w trying to build a base yet not get consumed with social media.
    I debated starting a Facebook page, but disabling comments. So if anyone wanted to comment, they could do it on my blog page? That way I have only one place to look at and respond – if that makes sense.

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