Living in fear

If we take the time to look at the world outside of our personal bubbles, what is it that we see? What is it we feel? What is really going on out there?

We are the most advance species on the planet, yet many of us fear going anywhere in the world these days because of the chance of never seeing the light of day again. 

If I am honest with myself (touching on my previous post on leaving social media), I can see why people distract themselves with puppy filters, memes and silly polls. It is either seeing those or the scary reality that is currently happening all around the world. 

I recently had to do a course on how to act if I were suddenly attacked at my place of work, with a dramatised video of people being shot dead and a group of scared civilians figuring out how not to die. 

I travel quite frequently and I have gone over in my own head what I would do if I was at a place that was suddenly under attack, if there was gunfire what would I do? Could I play dead? Could I find somewhere to hide? Would I survive? It is all in good fun doing an online quiz and finding on if you would survive this or that, but in actuality would we? 

Are we prepared? Do we need to be? Where is next? If you were really in such a devastating situation, how would you act? I can run a movie type scenario in my head, but I have zero clue if I would actually be capable of doing such things as my imagination shows me I can. 

I really just can not fathom how we got to this. I do not want to be scared of walking the street and facing a potential attack. I do not want to be scared that if someone acts slightly out of character in an airport, that it might be my last day on this planet, but what is the alternative? Immerse myself in distractions? # something silly that is trending on social media, say I have done my bit and distract myself further until something else happens?

All I know is I am not a hero, I would not even pretend to be. I am one person and I am clueless about how to live in this current world. 

To those people who complain about trivial things such as it is too hot, you had to wait an extra ten minutes for your meal at a restaurant, you are stuck in traffic, just be thankful you are alive. Appreciate things and stop being so negative about silly things. We need more positivity in this world. One thing we are responsible for is how we respond to things. Do not make life more difficult for yourselves and those around you. Take an extra few seconds and ask yourself first if it is worth it. I guarantee you 9 times out of 10 it is not. Try and see the good in things, it is there. If you spent the time looking for the good instead of the bad, guess what? You would find that instead. 

I think we as a species need to lighten up a lot and see the real issues. If we all got out of our bubbles for a while and stuck together, worked together, figured things out together then maybe we would not have to be scared of the world we live in. We have a lot of energy between us, a vast amount of knowledge and it all seems to be going to waste. What can we do? I genuinely want to know. 

I am sorry if this got heavy, I just need to understand this world and I do not. 

Until next time, stay safe. 


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  1. Well done as always. It’s not easy to write about life, especially if you have anxiety or depression. In the last year-and-a-half, I have found Stoicism to be comforting when faced with anxiety. I try to look at what’s in my control and not within my control. I would highly recommend the writings of Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca.

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  2. ‘Fear’ is what we imagine the future might hold for us. But, if we get into the depth of it, Fear is just far-fetched. It’s not the reality. It’s just a part of our imagination. Reality is in the present, which we miss out when we think too much of the future. So, try focussing on your present as much as you can. It will take time, but will surely come with practice. Switch your attention to something else when you realize such fear is about to take its toll on you.
    I hope you are doing better now, and wish that you can overcome this anxiety completely. All the best and keep working 🙂

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  3. Great blog, and very well written. The world is a scary place but it’s our oyster and our playground some people abuse it and others take advantage of it…

    I recently posted a blog on fear because I personally think it’s all an illusion, a smoke screen to stop us moving forward in life and once you get past it then you will see a big change but in a great way.

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  4. I like the idea of leaving social media. I am practicing something similar too. It wears you down and clusters your thoughts into nothing. Taking time out and thinking for yourself is the best thing to do in any case. Even if you feel bored stop doing what the whole world is doing. Even if it’s popular. Big up to you.

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  5. I loved your piece on this subject. That’s a good question, what would one do in a situation where your life is in immidete danger. I live in Berlin and as you know we just recently had the attacks at the Christmas market back in December. If you ever been to Berlin, you would know we are open for a major attack as security isn’t a big issue for some reason. But I will say this, far as I know, I’m the only American living here that actually grew up around drugs, gangs, and guns. I have been in the situation where I could have killed a group of people ( with my father’s gun) but a calm mind was the ruler of the day. My life was in danger but that situation showed me that I’m not a coward nor stupid either confronted with death. Some people panic and that’s even worse I believe. Because can we panic when a bill is passed due or we miss that flight to Mallorca. But not with your life, that’s the time when one should be cunning and of sound mind.

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  6. There is the goodness among the people which still makes this world a place to live. The fear of coming out of the bubble and accepting the positive things around and within us can only be achieved if we truly want a change. And the change, even if it’s small, begins from within.

    Well said!

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