When the Magpie Stole the Moon

Good evening Mr. Magpie
My oh my you gave me a fright
What is it you are up to?
I am not used to seeing you out at night

'I stole the moon!' The bird exclaimed
You stole the moon? Sir, please explain

'Something shiny in the sky'
'Something shiny caught my eye'
'Something shiny looked so fine'
Something shiny must be mine!'

But Mr. Magpie my feathered friend
This is a selfish act
The moon belongs up in the sky
You took it without tack

'The moon is mine'
'I own the sky'
'The sky is mine'
'The moon is mine'

Mr. Magpie do not be sly
Nobody could possibly own the sky
The world belongs to all of us
Now put it back, don't make a fuss

'But man, he owns the land and seas'
'He owns the grass he owns the trees'
'He took my friends and family'
'So I take the moon, I take it for me'

I understand your quarrel, true
We should not have taken them from you
But please Sir, please don't see this through
Return the moon and start anew

'If I return the moon' said the bird
'Do I have your solemn word'
'To tell my story you've just heard'

You have my word, Mr. Magpie
Now please take the moon back to the sky
Fly away, return the moon
I'll wait for you, so be back soon

The moon was returned, the sky was bright
I never saw the magpie after that night

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      1. Was at a gig. Ordered wedges at the bar and it was pretty much customer is the waiter. Someone jumped the queue and took mine. The manager told me and that was about all he did about it.
        No stress though. Atmosphere ok there and all I could do was sit there and breathe a bit longer.

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      2. Not when jogging. I have spent a life running… wary of these swooping birds. Magpies also major rival of our club. I have had 2 mates play for the Magpies in our national competition. Lol

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  1. A refreshing and whimsical piece Sara! How interesting that the magpie thinks mankind owns the land and seas, the grass and the trees. I say he should abduct the moon until we relinquish our destructive hold on nature. Bravo girlfriend!

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  2. I like this poem a lot. The language is simple, but the meaning is complex. The poem has layers of meaning, and it can appeal to both children and adults. Nice rhyme scheme. The magpie puts the decisions of humanity into perspective.

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  3. Sometimes, in fact, most of the time, all we want is our story to be heard. So we do whatever we have to get people’s attention, and more often than not, it takes doing something very annoying, more often than not, very hurtful, before we get the so desperately desired acknowledgement that we exist. We have hidden who we are to survive until finally we can no longer stand lying to the world because it means lying to ourselves. The solution lies in shifting our focus from ourselves and being there for others, most of the time, just noticing them for who they are, not customer, not child, not wife, not husband, but the unique and irreplaceable, special gift from and to the universe, by which we call them the name they’ve been assigned, like Marc or Sara, the magpie who stole the moon so people would hear her story. Now people, when you see them head on, and not under the mask of convenient force of habit, are likely to shrink and recoil from this unknown attitude of direct engagement and acknowledgement, and may send you back into your stuffy and unaired out hole but it is better to be satisfied with the mission of truth and giving than be frightened and ashamed of the slights of surprised fear. Let’s something to everyone we meet, even to the best of our ability, starting with our ears, a moment, 5 moments of the time we are borrowed on we know not how long. Don’t you think so as conventional, unquestioned behavior lurches us forward to the nuclear entity we cannot and dare not imagine like the iceberg we’re all, young and old, good and evil, headed straight for, before it’s too late?

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    1. Wow, that’s a mouthful! I believe I understand what you are saying. That people will go to the extremes to be heard, even if it means hurting another in the process. People want to be acknowledged for who they are themselves and not who they are assigned or perceived to be by others? Please do correct me if I have missed your point.


      1. It is true what you say. No one is inherently bad. We just do bad things to ease our pain because being human is not easy. Animals just suffer pain but we suffer painful thoughts, bad memories and fear of the future which animals are only capable of on a rudimentary level, which is why they will run from someone they don’t know to trust.
        But we are capable also of redirecting all emotions and thoughts to positive, caring, courageous, caring, unifying ones in what we do. So, instead of stealing the moon, we can instead share it and double the pleasure. We just have to trust.
        On a separate note, I am amazed by how varied and different reactions you got, illustrating that your poetry does what poetry should do–infuse itself and its words with overlapping meaning, perhaps some of which you might not have been thinking of. I find that a lot with my writing as well.

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      2. Oh yes for sure. I always try to leave what I write open to interpretation that way I learn from it as well. There are many people on here who have taught me things about myself I would never have otherwise known. That is why I try to be as open as possible.


      3. perhaps we can look at sharing the moon as a metaphor for sharing ideas and sharing poetry. I regard the comments section as equally meaningful as the original piece. some of my most profound writings are in comments sections. Dialogue is itself a work of art, a shared work of art, a collaboration.

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  4. Sara this is my second poem ever! I want to print and frame it- if thats okay?
    ‘But man, he owns the land and seas’
    ‘He owns the grass he owns the trees’
    ‘He took my friends and family’
    ‘So I take the moon, I take it for me’
    Just Amazing!

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