Breaking the curse

I cursed myself so long ago

For why I did, I do not know

I live in my own fairytale

But as the hero I always fail

As the damsel, freedom I seek

As the monster I am weak

I am all and I am none

I do not favour what I have become

I need to stop before I am worse

I need to solely break the curse

Unto myself I make this plea

To break the curse and set me free

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  1. Break it girl. Fly free.
    Mabon in your part of the world. Remembering and reflection like tje leaves.
    Spring here. Ostara πŸ‡πŸ°πŸ‡πŸ“πŸ₯
    We do our best… one day at a time.

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      1. Thanks for being so kind. I am definitely not lonely these days though a solitary soul I be. I certainly understand depression and past traumas… and I guess compassion is the ultimate outcome of many pains.
        The journey from head to heart can take a while… I sat in meetings for a decade happy to listen to any real alchie talk for as long as they want. It was a privilege to be safe. I am still sober 18 years and I still love other alchies. I have one on my couch now. He’s homeless after 5 years sober. The pub with no beer. I listened to him for years annoy people in meetings with political agendas. Now he’s fucking reciting Dylan Thomas.
        Do not go into this night…
        Get off the drink and drugs and party properly. Stop the age accelerants too that they really ecpect us to take yet put people in jails for that their mates build and supply the electronic security for πŸ˜‡πŸ˜…
        Kindness ain’t a weakness my fair lady 😻😻😹😸

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      2. RPG. Tabletop mostly. Have been involved in a lot since the 80’s. Play tested White Wolf with a local group in the 90’s.
        I write mostly… in any aspect of work. My majors are Political science and history.
        Gaming for me is a means of putting chess and football together πŸ˜‡

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  2. I have just come through a 3 month long down episode and am just emerging, catching up and beginning live again. Your posts are my favourite and Breaking the Curse resonates deeply, I have broken free for now – but for how long I know not. Keep up the good writings and best wishes. TJD

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