Slumber-less city

I am tired, do you hear me? I am tired!

Forever in a slumber-less state

Mind awake

Body shutting down, down, down

Down until, “yes, sleep does come!”

Sleep is here, I wake

I am tired, why am I always so tired?!

My dreams haunt me, I would rather be awake than delve into those nightmarish thoughts

The cycle is inevitable

I am tired, just let me sleep!

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      1. Was a good meal. The so called rockers here are very conservative. Pretty funny. Like the hippies who ended up in league with the banksters. Psychologically predictable. Cute with their talk though.

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  1. Reminds me of a Metallica song. Or a local song here by the Hunters and Collectors about the search for the holy grail.
    I wake before the birds and foxes… in a state of gratitude and remembrance. I go for coffee before the narco economy can get out of bed to mince words with me for my cuppa. They seem to open an hour later each year here. The coin must be good.
    Lucky I can meditate for a while before hitting the frog and toad.

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      1. Public holiday here for a football game. Public holidays are terrible for the poor, homeless, and marginalized who I prefer drinking my coffee with because they have actual experience surviving and aren’t always so busy congratulating themselves. 🤔🤠

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  2. Hello! Finally found a spot to leave you a note. I saw you liked one of my posts so I thought I’d drop by and say hi! Nice poetry, I’ve got some of my own over on FictionPress 🙂

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      1. I understand your feelings. We are so aware of everything, and we feel it all too. It would be so much easier to be one of the mindless zombies who are numb, however there would also be no richness or reward to it.

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