I am addicted

Hello friends,

It seems I have a problem. One I believe to be common amongst recent generations. I appear to be addicted to my phone. I use it so much that it needs charging at least twice a day.

The thing is, about 90% of the time I have my phone in my hand it is a complete waste of time. I could be doing anything else: painting a picture, reading a book, doing pottery, anything really! (My mind went blank on examples) instead I habitually pick up my phone, unlock it, look at a few apps, lock the phone, put it down and then literally within minutes I will pick it back up and do it all over again.

I feel a slight panic that if I do not have the screen in my line of sight, I might miss something. Really, what could I miss in the space of 38 seconds?

Even if I am doing something such as watching a movie, phone goes in hand, I log into IMDB and I am looking up the movie I am supposed to be watching.

This is completely bad form on my part and I suppose the only way to break the habit is to get into the habit of not looking at it, but at this point that seems like a catch 22. Have they yet invented an app that locks your phone for a few hours unless it is an emergency? Because I need that stat!

I wonder if there are many phone related hand injuries, or something that causes long term damage from propping the device on your pinky for the majority of the day. I could in fact look into that with the phone that is in my hand as I write this, but I won’t. I will waste my time looking at nothing.

I wonder what I can accomplish if I put my phone down for long enough. I think it is time to find out.

Until next time, remember there is beauty outside of your devices. (A lesson I need to learn too!)


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  1. You have to do something that your ego has displeasure doing. One of the easiest ways to break a habit is to give money away every time you do the thing you don’t want to do. Get a sealed money jar. Every time you pick up your phone that was completely unnecessary, drop a dollar in it. Sure, we have moments of generosity but we generally don’t like giving money away, and our carnal self is attached to that. The desire to keep your money will overcome your desire to use your phone pretty quickly and the inner voice will stop you to prevent you from being over generous. Make sure the money jar is dedicated to a charity or something else. You could obviously count it when you donate it and notice how many times you actually touched it in that particular period. Keep the practise going until you feel it has reduced dramatically, or keep the practise going forever to keep you from the habit again. As someone has already mentioned, it’s the neuro-chemical dump of pleasure that is actually hooking you. You’re pretty much identical to a person on drugs. Studies have shown the dopamine is even released before checking the phone, before the likes, or the beeps or flashes. Just the anticipation is enough for the dopamine release. So it will take time to rehab, so to speak. Then there is the addiction to blue light, the alpha rays etc which just compound the issue. Best of luck with your efforts.

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  2. When I’m at home, I’m terrible for this. I can’t even watch tv without also scrolling through Facebook looking at nothing. I’m much better out and about though. I’ll leave my phone at the bottom of my bag and forget about it for hours. Usually when someone’s actually trying to ring me 😂

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  3. I didn’t realize how much I relied on my phone until a couple of weeks ago when I was preparing for a craft fair. I didn’t have time to look at the phone as I was making jewelry, essential oil roller balls and matting / framing photos. Within a week and a half I had created 20 necklaces, twenty roller balls all decorated in special labels and prepared around 30 photos. Plus, during this time read a book, cleaned the house, and prepared healthy meals. My sleeping hours dropped from 8 to around 6 and I felt energized. I didn’t even check the phone during the evening hours – only while on break at work. It was an amazing experience so now I place the phone away from me while home and accomplish quite a bit. Hope you are able to disconnected several hours a day and see what you will accomplish:)

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  4. A great written piece and I’m sure most will agree with you that they have the same affliction. What is refreshing is that it is someone from a younger generation talking about it rather than older ones talking about something they clearly don’t understand.

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  5. While I agree with you – and, really, don’t we all have enough addictions? – I have to say that during the 2013 ice storm here in Toronto, I would have been up a creek and sans paddle/life jacket without my iPhone. No power, no heat, no Internet, and a city in chaos.

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    1. This technology definitely has its benefits and in a situation like that it is great that you had aid. My usage is more frivolous and is wasteful of time that could be spent being more productive. 🙂 I am happy to hear you got through that tough time, I bet it was a terrifying experience for you.

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  6. Awesome! and so nice of you being honest to say it. It is a true fact that people no longer have conversations, they don’t talk at the dinner table everything is done around their phones. I am much older so it’s not that important to me but then the computer takes the place of the phone for me, I do everything on my mac instead of the phone lol. So thanks for sharing and being honest good advise for us all.

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