Poetry from the past

Hello friends!

I hope that you are doing well.
As a lot of you know, I made a recent move and am settling in nicely, bar a stubborn cold that is outstaying its welcome.
I’ve been unpacking and found some old poems I wrote and thought it would be fun to share them with you. Here is the first one, I wrote this in 2003 apparently. Thank you past me for being so thorough.

To save you the pain of having to figure out my terrible handwriting, I shall type this out the best I can decipher. Please bear in mind I was about 16 when I wrote this, so it is what it is!

You see that girl before the mirror there?
Can you see what she can see?
When she looks at her reflection
Everything she doesn’t want to be

In her head she’s screaming loud and clear
But on the outside no one can hear
That she’s turned into the girl she dreads to be
She always wants to be alone
She’s not noticed much anymore
Because she’s turned into the girl she dreads to be

She’s been freed from her puppeteer
But now she lives and breathes in fear
Because she’s turned into the girl she dreads to be

She just turned cold & selfish – unaware of the hearts she has broken
She didn’t care for others feelings but her own
In the end she wound up all alone

And there she sits before the mirror
Everything she loathed to be, now a bitter lonely woman
From the girl she had dread to be 

So there we have it, apparently I have been a misery guts from the start!

I hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past.

Until next time, there is always time for change!




  1. I love going through my old poems from years and years ago. It’s insane how one poem, can transport you right back and you remember “oh I wrote this when this one thing happened” or “I remember feeling so angry at so and so when I wrote this poem”. Even with no explanation, you can read an old poem and remember that time of life as if you had transcribed it moment by moment. ❤️ the poem. It sounds like a journey through a transition and into a rediscovery. 💋

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      1. Oh I kept it all lol even the silly roses are red ones … 😂 I always wanted to publish something .. thinking maybe it would be neat to have my journal of poems from high school stand for something… but … as I got older, I really could only pick a handful that I liked enough to even attempt anything like that … now they are just reminders of memories I have had, beautiful ones and wrong doings …

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  2. Hi Sara,

    that is great poem. I admire to that girl, because she managed to preserve her inner state from other people.And that is real wisdom. I do not think the face is mirror on which the interior should be reflected 🙂 Thank you

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  3. You were still good at poetry back then, but you’ve definitely honed in on your writing skills since then 🙂 I have to admit, I’m reading this on my phone and I saw the image and deciphered your writing before realizing that you rewrote it 😂

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  4. There’s quite a bit of wisdom in this, I’d say.

    I think everyone has a part of themselves they do not like, someone they dread of becoming. It’s easy enough to see this person when we close our eyes or look into a mirror because the mind’s able to project with such ease, in those moments, that it’s terrifying. I would say there’s a younger version of myself I don’t ever want to meet again, though I know I’ll encounter her one day.

    Just not today. I hope.

    Keep on writing, Sara! Old work is always enlightening.

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      1. Morning, Sara!

        Yeah, there is a side to each of us that we often don’t want to see. Though we might not have a choice to confront that side, we reap many rewards for doing it.

        I’m glad you stopped by!

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  5. I like it! I’ve been writing since I was 14 years old and It’s interesting going back and seeing old poems. It’s like revisiting certain phases in life that we’ve all had to go through to get to where we are at today. Thank you for this! I see you got a natural talent for writing and I enjoy seeing people express their creativity in unique ways.

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      1. No Problem! thanks for sharing! Yeah I got a couple. Probably my most most favorite one that I spent a lot of time on was one about my dad when he got into a car wreck when I was 2 years old and became paralyzed. I’ll find it and post it when I got time so you can check it out if you like.

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  6. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Good evening everyone, and welcome to another, yet a day late Friday night poetry corner. This week is a pome well a feature called “Poetry from the past” by Sara lala land. This is a marvelous entry in her blog, poetry and the thoughts behind it including when it was written. You guys really enjoy and please visit her blog for more great writings.

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  7. This is wonderful! I wish I kept some of my old pieces. I took a creative writing class in high school (which is what got me into writing in the first place) but I practically burned all my old poems. (well, not literally of course, but you know what I mean.)

    Looking back, there were pieces I could have improved or polished up. And even if they were beyond hope, they were still the works that led my passion for writing- I regret it deeply! Also, this piece is lovely! I think my younger self would really resonate with it. The me who was always changing, depending on the people and places she was with and in. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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  8. Awesome. I love that you shared the original hand written poem. I feel like it brings so much more of the raw emotion out. I also love the echoes and rhythms of the repeating lines

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