Clarity, Or Lack There Of

Dear friends,

Do you ever feel like you have finally figured it out and then suddenly you are more clueless than ever before?

Please tell me that the haze will finally clear.

Until next time, it is time to wake up


The path I take is never clear
And clarity is never near
My heart, it pounds so stern and clear
To indicate the things I fear

Eyes wide, mind shot
It’s too late, lost the plot
Far too gone to repair
Too far gone to even care

Wide awake
Want to sleep
Eyes are dry
Want to weep

Thud thud thud
Above my head
Matters not
The feeling’s dead

Happiness is always near
Happiness, the thing I fear

For what comes after?
Surely disaster?
Or just the end
Goodbye my friend

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      1. Patience and it will come. Prepare for some bruises in the way though. I like to use the metaphor of the garden. Just keep cultivating and it will flourish. Best of luck!

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  1. Nice post! Finding answers brings more questions….

    So I found the easiest way, for me, to solve it. The meaning and purpose of life is to live. It’s that simple. For some, it’s to serve, others to consume. For each person is a unique perspective. It’s a miracle that humanity accomplishes anything!!! Haha!

    But, then again, since you have a unique frame of reference, you may disagree!

    People have wisdom all of their lives. Look at some children. So thinking of it in this frame, we are completely able to lose wisdom as to gain it, as self actualization. Strive for your meaning, eventually you may fall into your amazing groove!

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  2. My construct is an upward spiral. We keep going over the same things again and again, but each time we are at a higher level of awareness and knowledge, so we do better. Or, at least, we have the opportunity to do better. We can look down at the last time we were here, and the time before, and learn from them. And if we try hard enough, and look far enough, we can see the next loop above us, and sometimes skip to that, without having to learn hard lessons again.

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  3. I think the greatest realization you can reach is that life is always in transition. Every great leap brings time to catch your breath before the inevitable next jump. My advice is simply to know that everything will work out and embrace the chaos rather than run from it.

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      1. Right, that’s always tough. If your brain is wired to focus on the negative (most are) then it can always seem like the world is crashing down. Growth isn’t a linear curve, it goes up and down. Start with small steps like smiling at yourself in the mirror everyday, saying one positive thing that happened during the day and understand that even if you put in the work, you’ll still have off days and that’s alright. If you notice “self destruct mode”, just catch yourself, take a deep breath and try to see what’s troubling you from a different angle. Hope that helps!

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  4. Hmmm… not sure what I can say or what to think. Hopefully you can get your head around the situation and do what you can just for a day. Don’t go into absolutes or putting it into terms of forever.
    Keep breathing and be kind to yourself x

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      1. I hope Scandinavia is good. 0917am here. Sunday morning. Looks like a nice spring day.
        Breathe deep and find 2 things you are grateful for

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      2. From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
        Hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands
        Sing and cry fight the hordes
        Valhalla I am coming

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      3. It is Led Zeppelin. You are very perceptive to know that I am despite this though 😄😃 hope you are ok and all is going well over there

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  5. My poor dear Sarah, hang in there. I’m knocking 60 and still haven’t figured it out. I would love to tell you the haze will clear and never return. What I have learnt is to view it in a different way, life is ups and downs, not smooth, there is no finish line to cross, “I have won, that is that!”, the race is never over but continues with both triumphs and disasters along the way. I guess the trick is to stay in the race. Good luck TJD

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    1. Stay in the race, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Sometimes I just look for a stop pit and it isn’t there, so I get over tired. I am sure it is the same for a lot of people. Maybe just changing pace will help instead of stopping entirely or going too fast. This has really given me something to think about, thank you.

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  6. Been there, done that. For me, if I find myself in the haze or fog of self-doubt and pity, I think about all the blessings in my life. Technically, I’m not supposed to be here, since I was born 15 weeks early. But, i have my health, I have an amazing family, I have a fabulous husband, a solid house, a reliable car, a good job, multiple career options, the ability to read and write, access to almost anything that I could ever want, and more. I try to celebrate every day!

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  7. It is certainly the same for me but I have got into a pattern of going around like a tornado when I’m up to compensate for the crippling loss of vitality when down. Five years on from my first episode, I’m still learning how to manage this. Setting a suitable pace is essential and finding pit stops, easier said than done I’m afraid.
    Please keep up the writing it has quality and is an enjoyable read.

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  8. Very touching words, Sarah! I know all too well about having a foggy mindset with a lack of clarity. Here is an excerpt from one of my pieces:

    It’s the midnight hour, yet I’m still searchin for the light.
    Seeking a righteous path; peering across dark alleys. No time to be contrite.
    Back pedaling… procrastination weighs a heavy price.
    Hold on tight!
    I’m at a crossroad of sorts. Another day squandered… so at midnight I seek remorse.
    In solitude I dare to pick apart my flaws. Channeling the depths of my deepest thoughts. Wasted talent, loss of ambition. Shameful cliffs…I’m drifting.
    In fact I’ve fallen numerous times. Never afraid to rebound and continue to climb. Twilight conflictions summon moments of reflection. Truth sipped in gulps.
    Tough to swallow but sweet for the soul. Honest critiques with no ill intent, just warning to self.
    Thinking at the midnight hour. Wonder if all you can be is where you are at this instance.
    Since when did when become now? Time passes, moments become memories while the future lies in our presence.
    Satisfied or still striving?

    Thanks again for sharing! Feel free to follow me here:

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  9. Hello there!
    Thank you so much for stopping at my blog earlier today. Because of that I decided to check out yours.
    Clarity? It’s an illusion. Whenever my fog starts to clear, I drag it back down with my curiosity and more questions… They say ignorance is bliss, but I just can’t seem to be able to let go of things so easily/ ignore them.

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