Poetry from the past #2

Hello friends,

here is another poem that I discovered among my belongings during the move. This one was written during my last teenage year. Looking over it, it looks like I was beginning to lose faith. apologies in advance for the profanity, it is not something I really feel is required on my blog, but I can not change what was written 11 years ago!

As with the last poem, I will type it out for you, so you do not have to try and decipher my terrible handwriting, which as you can see, never really improved. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time, keep writing!


Untitled 22.01.06

Just like me you know the truth
It’s not in our heads, we need no proof
It’s blinded, like a deer in the lights
Too scared to move, afraid to fight
All you have to do is look in our eyes
To see that we are not telling lies
Don’t freak out
Don’t follow the crowd
Don’t fall down
Don’t follow the crowd
Scream out loud
Fight the crowd
We get no help from faith about
They hide the truth, they take our love
Our blood is theirs, they take is away
No matter how much one will pray
There’s no control, who runs this place?
This world’s a mess, been left disgraced
This shit is fake, make no mistake
And when I wake, I wish I was still asleep
The promise you know you can’t keep
I’ll weep for you when it’s over

So there we go. Reading this back, I am slightly confused about the message I was trying to convey here. It seems somewhat political mixed with losing religion and also standing back and taking my thoughts for my own. I suppose 19 year old me was still figuring it out. Thanks for reading.

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