Don’t Jump

*Trigger warning – This poem contains the topic of suicide.*

It must have been cold
It is always cold closer to the water

If I had known I would have been there
I would have brought you a jacket
But I was just a child
I did not know until it was too late

If I were the wind I would have blown you back to safety
If I were the bridge I would have built my walls higher so you could not reach
If I were the river I would have washed you to the shore
If I were the moon I would have shone my light towards the happiness you deserved

I know there is nothing I could have done, but I would have still tried if I knew

Two decades passed and you are still my favourite person in the world
If you knew you made such an impact, would you be gone?

You made me feel special
You made me feel like a princess
You painted on a smile just for me

I remember when you surprised me with a visit
You were standing by the school gates
With your arms wide open
I ran into those arms
I still remember that happy feeling

It must have been cold
It is always colder closer to water
If I were there I would have said
Don’t Jump

But it is too late



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