Sadly Creative

Hello friends,

I need to ask, because I would like to know I am not alone with this one: Do sadness and creativity go hand in hand?

I find this to be a regular occurrence for me. If I am in a depressive state my mind I can conjure up a limitless amount of ideas from all walks of life; they just come to me in gentle wisps that land like freshly fallen snow in my mind. When everything is fine and dandy the ideas suddenly stop flowing and I end up with nothing. You may have noticed by now that a lot of what I write can get pretty dark and it is a sad state of affairs to think that my only life experiences are bad ones, thus this reflects my writing style. I would believe that, but I create happiness in my dark times too.

There are so many jokes and stereotypes about writers acting “woe is me” most of the time as their persona, but I think in actual fact I do fit that stereotype. Not that I want to, I just do.

I very much enjoy creating poems and writing ideas for stories and characters, but I do not want it to come at the expense of my sound mind. I hope I can find a way to channel these ideas into my happier state too.

I use an app called Evernote and this is where I keep all of my story ideas and there are tens of them on there that just appeared out of nowhere. There are all kinds of genres and plots and I really think I could do something great with at least one of them. My problem is I write from my depressed state and I can get very far into the things I write and they help me a lot mentally. When I read through them again when I have snapped out of it, I judge and I convince myself that the worlds I want to create are too big for me and I should give up, so I do. And that is why I have an app full of unfinished, untold stories.

This may sound strange, but I feel like if I ever managed to bring one of those stories to life, I too would come to life with it. Perhaps that pressure does not help my situation. There are also the obvious fears of nobody liking what I have written, or getting so far like I have done many times before and suddenly thinking it is a pile of garbage and deciding not to waste any more time on it.

I have been told, and I did not realise until recently, that I second guess myself a lot. I also seem to be intent on seeking approval and without it I have no confidence in the things I do. I need to find a way of letting go of the unrealistic expectations and go back to enjoying what I do, instead of expecting a masterpiece every time. It does not work like that and I think perhaps it is time to be realistic about that fact.

The NaNoWriMo challenge begins tomorrow and I think it is a great place to start. Maybe I need a new writing style that will allow me to finish what I start. If you’re interested in updates, I will be posting on Twitter. Follow me here.

Until next time, thank you for reading this.




  1. Mmmmm I think so! I just listened to a Joe Rogan podcast on the drive home and he was talking about how all of the funny comedians he knows are ‘crazy’ in some way. There’s definitely a stereotype of any creative types (artists/actors/musicians/writers etc.) as the more brilliant you are, the more of a mess your head is. I have found the same as you – that when I’m really happy, the ideas don’t come as often. Sometimes I think it’s because when I’m happier, I do more, so I’m more excited about other things and more likely to procrastinate? I read recently about just writing for half an hour a day for the bin. Just a conscious stream of thought. Doesn’t matter if it’s complete garbage and all gets binned – the idea is that you’re training your mind to write, even when you’re feeling ‘block’ and the more you do this, the better ideas get…. Hope that helps!

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  2. Sadness and emotions on that far reach of spectrum give you a sort of liberty to immerse in lines of thought that sometimes being content and happy distract from. Most times when we’re happy we don’t get to indulge on​ the reasoning for things and those small details are usually enough for those wonderful sparks of creativity.

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