Battle cries

The war torn look in her eyes
The battle cries
The heavy sighs
The mountain of lies

Heart palpitations
Subtle creations
Armed at battle stations
No hesitations

Patiently waiting
Silently hating
Slowly she’s baiting
Whilst she’s berating

On the cusp of war
What is this for?
Cynical to the core
Never again she swore

But here she is again
Too much on her brain
Reliving the pain
Is she going insane?

For a while she will store these thoughts on a shelf
Until unknowingly again she wages war with herself


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      1. I just get very weary sometimes. I guess I always need to grow and change. I am often not totally right and it doesn’t hurt me to learn

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      2. This one I intervened in last night… the young bloke got my ears pricked up when he used the word ‘absconded’ to try and tell the sergeant to check on the missing persons list. The policeman basically laughed at them and told them he was too busy.
        Something wasn’t right so I sought to quickly grab rapport with the 2 blokes in trouble. One was a minor and obviously intelligent and whoever their 3rd member was I didn’t like the thought of leaving them with a PSO who seemed to be running his make it up club.
        Thank goodness a police lady from the other side of town got in touch with me. She was fantastic and communicated effectively with the kids safety first and foremost.
        I have reasons to be re resentful of some police yet it is always great when a good one comes along. I wish they could get what they need to do their jobs properly. Needless to say that nearly all night I was thinking about what sort of future a young boy has. I was 14 once and I was off the rails. Funny how hearing.a young bloke use one word in a context got me to buy in. It is not an easy world for many out there

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      3. Sometimes it is the person who you are that makes you do something differently in your job. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how many tools one might have access to, it can’t give them heart.


      4. I went to a Scottish Presbyterian boy’s school. There was a guy called Angus Alcock who was a particularly gutless footballer… we called him Amgus Alcock and No balls

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  1. Wow, that ending really hits you. We get this image of this warrior in a battle with external forces, then..BAM… we find out who her biggest challenger really is.

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