Things that make me happy #2

Hello friends!

I feel that my presence on this blog of late has been lacking. I can not pin point the reason for my absence, but I would like to remedy this so that blogging remains and pleasure and never becomes a chore.

A while back I wrote a post listing all the things that currently laid a smile across my face. As I remember it, it was a pretty lengthy list. A lot to be grateful for. I have decided to do a part two, because I believe you should always be grateful for what you have and I think sometimes we start taking things for granted.

Bear in mind my situation has changed since my previous post. I live in a different country and my lifestyle and surroundings have altered greatly. So without further ado, here is what makes me happy.

  • My support system. This last year has been majorly uplifting for me and I have managed to stay on the wagon for the majority of the ride. I know full well that this would not have been possible if I stubbornly decided to continue going it alone. Opening up to others has been the best thing I have ever done and it can only continue to get better. This I am eternally thankful for.
  • Good food. When I lived in the UK, my eating habits were terrible. No set meal times, hardly consuming anything that was good for me. Since moving to Sweden I am been lucky enough to sample some amazing dishes. As well as discovering a whole new love for food, my eating has improved massively in regards to eating healthier and more regularly. I am slowly learning to cook too!
  • Freedom. Back in the UK I always felt very restricted. Where I lived, I did not know many people and I did not know very many places to go. If I wanted to get away, I had to drive for an hour to my home town where everything felt familiar. I never felt at home where I just moved from. Here in Sweden I know so much more already. I can already find my way around this town for the most part. I already have favourite spots. It is so open and beautiful. I could not feel anymore free and this has made a huge impact on my mental health. Another thing  I am extremely grateful for.
  • Writing. I think I wrote this previously, but I am still always happy when I produce a piece of writing. Bringing a single thought to life has always been a joy to me.
  • My boyfriend. Now more than ever I feel so lucky to have this human being in my life. Ever since I have known him, he has effortlessly put a smile on my face. Without him, I do not know where I would be. I was lost on a downward spiral and instead of carrying me, he has taught me to pick myself up whilst being there if needed. We started off as friends and the friendship carried over in the relationship and managed to stay. The dynamic is something I will always cherish. He is my hero.
  • Friends. As ever I am happy for the friends I have in my life. Although further away in distance, I know if I needed someone to talk to, they would be there for me. Even being in a foreign land I am lucky enough to have people I can call friends. I never really knew the importance of friendship, but it is a lesson I have gladly learnt.
  • Family. I lived away from most of my family in the UK, but of course it was easy enough to get into a car and visit them. Not so easy now, but somehow I am in touch with them a lot more than I was when I was closer to them. I get to talk to them regularly on video chat. I even attended my niece’s birthday party via FaceTime. It is great that I can still be involved in their lives, despite the difference. Now I feel we are even closer than before.
  • Magpies. I said this before, but I have a strange connection to magpies and I know if I see at least one, I am going to have a great day. Here, I see magpies almost every day and so even if it is just a placebo, my days are always great.
  • Music is still a big part of my life. It is my motivator and can always lift my spirits. I am currently loving some blasts from the past in the form of 80’s and 90’s music.
  • Reading. I have Incorporated reading into my nightly routine. Even if I just manage a couple of chapters before I fall asleep, I am always excited to delve back into the book I am reading to see what has happened next. Now I do not think I could go to bed without picking up my Kindle and continuing my current book. It has definitely helped my sleeping pattern and reading is such a joy. I am currently reading a series of short stories called The Food Truck Mysteries. I love the protagonist in the series and I like the fact that she is growing as a person throughout the books. I am on book 5 of 14, so luckily for me I have a lot more to look forward to.
  • Gaming. This has always been my escape. Much like some enjoy delving into a good movie to escape for a few hours, I get the same kick out of escaping into a good game. Adventuring into a world created by someone’s imagination in any form just blows my mind. Doing so via a video game is  something else entirely. I love adventure games and the fact that you have to learn to think outside of the box to progress. I have played them since I was a young child and I would like to think that I am quite the veteran at puzzle solving.

And there we have it. All of my happiness bundled up into one post. For the first time in my life, I am surrounded by happiness, smiles and laughter. It is a great feeling and something I will never take for granted.

What is it that makes you happy? I would love to know. Wherever you are right now, whatever you are going through, if you can think of just one thing that makes you smile, then you are going to get through it. If you can not think of a reason to smile, do not give up hope. I have been there, at the cusp of defeat. Believe in yourself and I promise you will get there. The road my be unclear, but it does not have to mean that there is nothing in your future, it just means you have an adventure ahead of you and you are undoubtedly ready to take that step. Find the courage within yourself and you never know what good you will find at the end of it. I was on that path just a year previously and I know how daunting it can be. Be brave and as soon as you find that reason to smile, hang on to it and slowly but surely you will start surrounding yourself with more and more things that will bring you into a happy place.

Until next time, Happiness is an inside job.*


*A song I know some will appreciate.




  1. Yet another proof that moving to a different country does not mean you will feel more alienated than in your home country. Awesome!

    Hmm… I definitely am thankful for my family and friends. They can sure drive me crazy, but at the end of the day and I would not swap them for anyone else.

    Reminiscing makes me happy.

    Planning future vacation gives me hope.

    Today, I am really happy about having a portable computer (i.e. laptop), which I can take anywhere and use to read and write.

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  2. What a cool post! It’s great to see so many positives happening. Since you like older music, have you heard of the rock band called Styx? Yes, the spelling is correct here. And then there was also Bruce Springsteen. These were some of my favorites years ago.

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  3. Sara, I have to commend you on a delightfully flowing read! Uplifting and oozing gratitude! I do agree that a passion for healthy food goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. I’m filled with gratitude to live in a country, as you, where we have an abundance of options. And is there anything better than a bite of something sublime, or created with your own hands? That’s not to say that a sinful bite isn’t warranted from time to time.
    So food, forest and ocean air make me happiest. The loyalty of a dog ❤️Cruising on a curved road on my Triumph. Poetry and photography. Engaging connections with beautiful souls. Those conversations where two emerge energized by enthralling conversation! So much in life to revel in, that’s just the top of my list….. 😘😘 Damn, I was in a good mood reading your post and now I’ve floated to the ceiling. Life is immense magic isn’t it!?

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  4. This was wondeful.
    I’ve also moved countries just this year and it’s been tough but your list gave me the opportunity to reflect on the things in my own life that make me happy.
    Thank you 🙂

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  5. What a wonderful positive post 🙂 I am so glad your move to a new country has helped you to uplift your mood and improve your life style. I am from Sri-Lanka and now in Aussie because both my sons are living here. I am now single so I want to be around my two children. I enjoy being with them and their families.
    For me freedom is the most important thing in life. As freedom allows me to do what I want at my own pace according to my personality. I found that freedom played a big part in over coming my depression. It helped me to choose the things I like to do at the times and how I want to do. In short to live free as we are born free. Thank you for your wonderful article. I wish you good health and happiness always 🙂 ❤


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