I need your input

*Literally within 30 minutes of posting this, I already have a site name which is perfect and I can not believe I never thought of it sooner. Thank you Chris and Whippoorwill for the idea!

Hello friends!

I spoke a little while back about starting a gaming blog. Taking it away from this one purely for the fact the content will be completely different. I am extremely keen on getting this up and running, the only thing putting a stopper on it is the fact I can not think of a name for the blog. Well, I have thought of names, but none of them click and make me think “That is the one!”

I was hoping that you could help me a little with this. I know a few of you have expressed encouragement for this new blog, so your input is important to me. The names I have thought of so far are:

  • Lalalandgaming (But I think there is already somebody out there with a similar name
  • GlitterandGaming
  • Sarainlalalandgaming (Which might be a bit long winded)
  • pointandclickprincess (Which well you can see why I am not jumping at the chance for this one)

Really this is all I have so far which is why I have no site currently! If you have any ideas that you think would make a good site title, I would really appreciate you sharing them with me. I would of course credit you on the new site when it is up and running. It would be nice for the title to tie in with this site, but it is not essential. I am just looking for something that feels like it is me.

Thank you in advance for your help and thank you again for being such an awesome community. WordPress has become my home away from home.

Until next time, stay amazing!


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      1. Right. I get that. Well, just because there isn’t much of a community for gaming on WordPress doesn’t mean you can’t help make one. And if you ever decide to do a YouTube channel, let me know. I bet you’d be good at it.

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      2. I suppose there’s always the voiceover videos. I really wanted to do videos, I even bought all of the equipment, but I had it for two years and didn’t dare even try, so I gave it away.


      3. Yes, voice over with your picture in the left-hand corner. At least, that’s what the gaming videos my son watches look like. Or a gaming podcast?

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      4. I think podcasts are the perfect mode of expression for introverts (aside from writing). If I were in a different place in my life, I’d do one, too. You have a lot of support in the blogging community, so you already have a built-in audience. Most of the podcasts I used to listen to (they were related to recovery) were linked to blogs.

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      1. You’re a brave lady, playing those horror games. I’m too much of a ‘fraidy cat. I am currently playing too much WoW. I really enjoy adventure games and anything strategic. I am a retired shooter, I’m not sure I’d fair well these days!

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      2. WoW is awesome, and yeah I’m currently playing Drake Uncharted the new one on PS4 which is a brilliant adventure game! Oh and when I said I play survival horror I meant I play sometimes but for the most part I back-seat game/offer unwanted commentary while my boyfriend plays hahaaa!

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  1. What do you play? (I’ve a creaky, old PC that just about manages to play games released before 2014. These days I’m on Xbox. Just booted up the X for the first time!)

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