Hollow and cold
As I reach out my hand
No other to hold

Too dark to see shadows
Too dark to see skies
Too dark to find and wipe tears from my eyes

Trapped in a moment
Lost and alone
Trapped in the darkness
Far now from home

I can’t let it beat me
Darkness can not win
I must find the light
That shines from within

Light up the darkness and see I am not alone
Brighten my path and find my way home

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  1. Hope you are ok. A bit of activity in our gaming group here. A bit of work to do both in games and in reality. Looking forward to a good 2018. Hope you’re ok 😹😸🎅

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      1. I honestly just write what pops into my head at the time. Unfortunately I have no tips or tricks else I would have a lot more posted than I currently do. I suppose the only “advice” I could give is write from the heart and go wherever it leads you to naturally.

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