Feats and Failures

Hello fellow citizens of Earth.

I hope December is bringing you joy and togetherness. It is one thing I do admire about the festive season: it makes everyone just that little bit nicer and a little more thoughtful, if just for a little while. Excuse me as I have already gone on a tangent before I even start this post!

I wrote over a month ago about a well known challenge called NaNoWriMo. At the time of writing that post I was highly motivated and I thought to myself “Yeah, I can do this!” I had an idea which was controversial, but had meaning that I thought could help the reader look past that. My writing started off strong and my story had its first breath of life. During the first stint of my writing, something happened and everything I had written became too much. Instead of bringing inspiration to me, it brought bad feeling and it soon became something I had to get away from. In the end, I failed that challenge. I am not as downhearted about it as I thought I should be, because although my inspiration was gone from that project, it happened to shift to something old that I had been working on a few years prior. I feel like this project is going to be one that will steadily be finished, but it is a big one and will require a lot of time and research, which I am willing to put in. Overall The NaNoWriMo experience all in all was not a failure, but I can not say that I won.

I have written previously of only being creative when my state of mind is at an extreme, mostly being in a downward spiral. Although I can say the end product usually turns into something decent, I feel like I should not have to put myself through such sorrow to be creative and having to wait for such feelings leaves me unproductive. I have since tried to find a way to tap into that energy and channel it whilst working on a project, but without embodying it. A difficult task, but I am slowly getting the hang of letting go of the melancholy so it does not take over.

I am currently working on a couple of things. The first is that I am working on an animation with a good friend of mine. I am doing the writing side and my friend is working hard on the animation. It is a slow going process as it is currently just the two of us working on it, but it is exciting to see him bring our ideas to life and soon enough we will be able to share it with you. If you are interested in seeing the progress of this then it is worth giving Andex a follow on Twitter as he shares some of his art on there.

I have recently caught the mystery bug. I have been finding enjoyment in working out mysteries in movies, TV shows and books and this has inspired me to start writing my own mystery book. This is not something I have ever considered, but it is fun and knowing I can take the story anywhere at this point is exciting. I am a complete novice at this, so I will be seeking out more books as inspiration.

I have also been thinking about putting some of my poems from here plus, some others I have not posted in an Ebook and seeing what would happen with that. Although I do not really know the protocol on self publishing Ebooks and the likes, so I am looking for some advice on that.

It feels nice to have a couple of projects on the go and here is hoping that they become feats!

As always thank you for being here with me on this journey. I wish you all a festive December.

Until next time, stay creative!

– Sara






  1. I do not like constraints put on my writing (time-wise or length-wise) that is why I usually pass on all of the flash fiction challenges. I write for my own enjoyment, not for my fans and I write everyday because I am driven.

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  2. Sara, you are an inspiration. Just knowing that you are working through your challenges gives me hope that I, too, can succeed.

    When you do learn how to do the Ebook thing, could you, would you please share that with us? I am toying with the idea myself but am not yet ready to go in that direction.

    For a good mystery author or book I think Steven King’s “The Dark Tower – The Gunslinger” is a good read. It is not one of those stories that is in a hurry to get to the end.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. NaNoWriMo has never really scratched that itch for me. I’ve tried a couple times, and a few of my friends have actually finished books–but he end product is almost always sub-par. I’d rather take my time, write at my pace, post on my blog, get feedback, and adjust for my audience. That’s always been the best for me.

    But everybody’s different. As long as people are writing, I’m a happy boy.

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