This probably should have been apparent a long time ago, seeing as I suffer from anxiety on a regular basis, but I can not handle stress. This goes to a point where I worry so much, I make myself ill. I get weak, I constantly feel anxious and a lot of the time I shut down and can not even communicate properly with others.

You would think being a grown up and having dealt with many stressful situations in the past that I would be used to it by now, but it seems to have gotten worse. My mind will not shut off from my worries until it gets dealt with, or more often than not, I run away from it so I do not have to face it at all.

I am currently at the point of fight or flight and my usual option choice is to get far away and admit defeat. That is all I have ever done, but it is not something that I can do this time. I mean I could, but I really do not want to.

There is no real need for this particular post, but I just felt the need to rant a little. There is always tomorrow.


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  1. All I wanna say is whether you believe it or not, your life is valued by someone. One thing we all have in common as human beings is that we all go through stress. Its the circumstances that differ. Sometimes it’s very difficult to open up about it but doing so can release some of the tension. I appreciate you sharing this piece because I, myself have gone through a state of depression this past two years and ended up finding comfort in writing about it hoping to help someone else that may be able to relate to it. I hope all is well Sara.


    1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. You seem to understand and empathise with others and that is such a brilliant trait to have. I appreciate you taking your time to reach out with such a lovely comment. I hope that your writing has helped you as much as you help others.


  2. Awwhh! Prayers for you. Whatever you’re going through, just know that it will get better. Stress sucks, yeah I know the feeling all too well but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, I promise! You should check out my latest blog that I shared today I think you would like it and could possibly relate to some of my other posts as well! Stay strong 🙂

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  3. My stress levels are so high at the moment that when I saw your post I immediately felt better. Just to know I am not alone. My response is different though. I FIGHT! And it sucks, because I usually fight with the wrong person. Thank you so much for this post. And please rant again. For someone who has recently quit her job to become a full time mom and will soon be leaving her country of birth, it really helps.

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