Let’s Focus on the Positive

Hello wonderful readers who for some reason stick with me through anything,

I must say, without you this blog site would have been lost a long time ago.

What I wanted to talk about is this: Somehow my blog has turned into a platform of complaints and that is something I do not like. I wanted this space to be full of wonder, imagination and inspiration. Instead it seems to have taken a turn for the too personal. Some may argue that this is my site and I can post what I want to on it, which I agree and the recent content is not how I want readers to see me. I have been fighting a lot of demons lately and I seem to have been lost in that.

This week I decided to take a break from life. It is not something that I have been able to achieve before, but determination is resulting in victory this time around. My head has been too busy worrying about everything and nothing, so I have pushed those thoughts aside until I can find some form of inner calm. If those problems are that important, they will still be there next week and I can solve them with a more logical mind then.

This week is all about guilt free life enjoyment in whatever form it presents itself. I want that to reflect in the coming blog posts and I want to show to myself and to those of you reading this that things are changing for the better.

No more ups and downs, I simply can not handle this routine any more. I know people have off days, but the amount I have is simply ridiculous and I am finally putting my foot down. Life is for living and you only get to do it once, if my anxiety and depressive side do not like that then tough. I have let them take the lead for far too long and now I am taking it back.

We are at the end of the year. Year one of Sarainlalaland. My experience here has been like no other and although the content got a bit crazy, I still am exponentially grateful to have this platform and all of the truly awesome people who have stuck by me and accepted me for who I am. Offering understanding and never judging me.

I like to think I am a storyteller and my imagination has a lot to offer, so as we come into a new year, I think it is a perfect time to steer this site into a new, more positive light. The only thing stopping me is myself and I am wearing my stubborn hat and I am not going down without a fight.

From now on my attempt is to focus on posting new poetry as and when inspiration hits and also, finally, I want to start sharing some of my creative writing and ideas here. For those of you who enjoy the more personal content: I doubt that will be gone forever, it just needs to be gone for now.

I am sure my very first post on here I wrote about New Year, New Me. I am going to go now and read that and see what changes I managed to make this time around and see what I can do better in the future.

As always, thank you for sticking with me and I hope that you are in a good place yourself as you are reading this. There is always time for change, we just have to really want it. Even if we do not yet know how to make that change, it does not mean we can not make it happen. Just keep it in mind and you will find your way.

Until next time, festive hugs from me to you.


Art: Jim Warren



  1. In the past I have found, though not always, that expressing the negative has been a way of putting it behind me …. exposing it to the light as one might a vampire, so to speak. I always feel a bit guilty about being positive, strangely.
    You are a poet. Embrace that. But don’t always rely on it as a source of happiness for sometimes it may be the opposite. Don’t try too hard to control it.

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