Hi friends,

This is an attempt on my part to try something a little different.

I am new to the this whole genre, because quite frankly I am a giant wimp and have avoided anything scary for the most part. This recent year though, the unknown horrors have come to intrigue me rather than frighten me. So I thought I would start with something new and different for my writing style to kick off the new, creative content on this blog site.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy it!


She used to frighten me

I used to close my eyes tightly for a long time and not open them until she had gone away

I used to cover my ears so I could not hear the screeching laughter that escaped her decrepit grin

I used to fear even the thought of looking in the mirror and happening upon her face

I used to coil at the sunset, knowing only too well that the darkness beckoned her near

One day, she was there, her eyes burning through me like piping hot brandishing tools

She darted towards me

Her squealing laugher intensifying with every brisk movement towards me

This would be where I cower

This would be where I hide until she goes away

But not this time…

This time I returned the look of madness right back at her

My eyes fuelled with adrenaline

My laughter louder and more insane than hers

I said boo to that ghost and as quickly as she had appeared, she was gone…

Sometimes I miss her

Sometimes I miss the fear

Sometimes I sit in the dark and hope that she would appear

But it seems I scared away my ghost and forever she is gone



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