Flawed but not floored

Too many flaws to disguise
Seeping through cracks from the inside
Showing through pores on her face
She looks in the mirror and sees a disgrace

Broken and battered is she
From that life she eventually flee
But the past remains there in her scars
When she runs she does not get very far

Life made her put up a wall
She sealed the way that she feels
Each day wishing to be reborn
So she can let go of this heart of steel

Seems like she is punished for being alive
Defensive and weak is what she derived
From the past she has run in hopes she survives
To open her heart and feel love so deprived

Chance after chance does the flawed girl receive
But never is assured that in her she is believed
So the flaws do not perish and show face again
And she cries out in terror just wishing it would end

An ending of happiness is what she does seek
But the ending that is coming is looking quite bleak
The flaws they are winning but it is not done
She will persevere until she has won



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