Hello Friends,

I just had a quick look through my blog posts of the last year and I am pleased with the consistency, but I think I can up my game a little this time around.

I noticed whilst browsing that I have 30 drafts, most of which do not have titles. These are mostly ideas or a couple of lines that have come to mind over time but have not come with the inspiration to finish them. On occasion it is possible for me to finish them, but when I write it tends to be in one fell swoop and thus leaving me with a lot of unfinished projects.

So of course I have had the wonderful idea to look back through these drafts thoroughly and have a go at finishing them. I do not think it will be possible to finish them all, I am sure there is some terrible content amongst the passable. And so my first challenge of the year is set.

As an indicator that a future post is a revisited draft, I shall add a * in the title as a small sign of this. I have been in a lot of state of minds over time, so these drafts could be anything.

If I can get through these successfully then I have way more than 30 drafts in my laptop’s documents. I have a lot of stories that I want to share, but have been holding back because I am not confident that they will be received well. This is probably just me, because you as an audience have been nothing but kind and supportive to whatever I have chosen to share so far. That being said, hopefully I can finally start to share them too.

So new year and a new challenge. Do you find that you have a lot of unfinished work you do not share? I think it is worth having a look through your drafts, you never know, you might find a gem!

Until next time, stay creative!




      1. Was worthwhile. Getting organized amidst a few things getting busier. How are you going where you are? I hope the black dog is behaving

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  1. Keep it up! 🙂

    Personally, I’m not sure if it’s coz my sun is in Gemini or coz of work and travel plans, or simply coz of motherhood, but when it comes to my blog – I’m not consistent at all. Usually, I try to transform my ideas into reality… but I guess I need a bit of a push not to get lost in enthusiasm.

    Wishing you a fresh start of 2018!

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  2. Hi Sara!

    I have 3 drafts in my queue, all three responses to different Blogger awards that I started with the intention of finishing in order to officially “earn” the awards. That was before I realized how labor-intensive and time consuming such things are. Not to mention how they totally detract from what I’m actually trying to accomplish with my blog.

    Take care, be well, and happy drafting!


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    1. Ah yes, the blogger awards. It is a lovely feeling to be thought of by another blogger and I can see the benefits of such things, but I agree with you that they unfortunately do not fit with the rest of my blog content.

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  3. After once finding myself with over 60 unfinished pieces, I imposed a rule on myself: Anything I don’t add to for a month goes in the bin, as does anything that has been in progress for two months, unless I can complete it there and then.

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    1. That is definitely a sound idea. The only thing with that is I know there are things I want to finish, I just haven’t found the write words to put them together yet. They kind of come out of nowhere and then I can finish it usually in one go. There is some trash that needs to go from my drafts though, for sure.

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  4. Hello, Sara. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. I’m trying to look at other people’s. I like the images you use and the way you’ve designed yours. I have just a few drafts for blog posts (and these are written out longhand in my notebook – I’m old fashioned). Mostly I put up a post soon after writing it when the idea is fresh as otherwise I won’t have the courage. However, I do have lots of drafts for short stories which I’ve not quite typed up or edited. These can definitely be revisited.

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    1. I am the same in regards to posting thing immediately after writing them. With other projects, a fresh mind and perspective are needed. I have one project that I have been working on and off for the past 3 years. Just last night I had an insight and the story has a new lease of life.

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