Making some changes

Hello Friends!

I am very excited today, as I finally decided to take the step to drop the WordPress from my site and make it my own. I am now officially I have always wanted my own domain name, but I kept putting it off. Promising I would do so after getting so many followers, or being consistent. Finally I ran out of excuses for my procrastination and here we are. It feels incredible, more so than I thought to make the step and I am already pleased with my decision.

Now I have more freedom, I think the site needs a little sprucing up. I have a lot more themes to choose from, so I aim to make my site a little more professional. I will still keep a theme that matches the content and my personality, but I feel it needs some TLC to make it look better and to also make it user friendly for you lovely lot.

I want to thank you, because without all of your support and encouragement, this blog would never have made it through its first year, but I am glad it did and I am hoping for many more to come.

Until next time, eek!




      1. Well, really the dream became more real. I’m trying to track down people to be a part of my critique team for my book, putting myself out there a little bit more, and taking ownership of the term ‘writer’. It’s been fun.

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