Your World

Hey friends,

Here is a handwritten poem. I could not get inspiration staring at a screen, so I decided to go old school. I will write out the poem, just in case you can not read my handwriting!

Pen to paper


The page is blank

It’s your world

Create it



  1. When writing I sometimes find it easier just to write it all down on pen & paper. My hand can’t always keep up with my thoughts. But if I don’t write it down, I usually forget what I want to say before I can open my laptop.

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  2. I feel that’s it. I was gonna say blank page first but that’s not saying anything. The page is always blank, so? I feel i got intention, im not just putting pen to paper for the joy! :). Then hopefully (not always) words, thoughts etc. I know it sounds poetic but the blank page right there rings poetic. Clueless why but does. Thanx! Warmest, Mary

    Warmest, Mary Leona


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