Time to Heal

If I could get an inkling of what you are feeling
I would take away the pain
Fragile, confused and always reeling
You were never the same again

Your fear made me fear you for the longest time
I did not understand
This was a reflection of your own life
It was not what you had planned

Each morning I would wake to the unknown
Would it be a good day today?
Living in fear, I could not cope
And so I moved away

I wonder if you are better now
I know perhaps you are the same
But time has come to help yourself
You have to stop playing the blaming game

I know you were hurt, but you hurt me
It should not have been like this
I know the fear, the suffering
But now I’m choosing bliss

I will always be there for you
But change comes from within
You have to notice something is wrong
To let the change begin

We have all been hurt and scarred from this
The family is torn limb from limb
But in time we will all heal
Can not let those demons win

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