Monday has rolled around again, something that we usually dread. Monday is usually the start of the work week, the early mornings and with winter in full swing, it is even less enticing to want to separate from that comfy duvet.

Today, this Monday, I awoke with a spring in my step, inspiration in my head and a determination to make the most of the day. This is a rarity that I wish I experienced more often, but I am grateful for the feeling today.

This got me thinking that Monday has a bad rep. I do not know a single person that expresses excitement for Monday to roll around and I think why? Monday is still our time. It is still a day we could have our greatest experiences. Monday could be the day we have our greatest idea, it could be the day we fall in love, it could be the day we learn something that is simply amazing.

I am here to bring positivity to Mondays. It is 24 hours that we should enjoy as much as we do any other day. Maybe bring something into your Monday routine that you can look forward to, so when you wake up on Monday morning, you actually feel excited for the day ahead.

With that being said, I have finished my morning coffee, my notebook is filled out with what I need to do for the day and even though some of it is just chores, I am looking forward to the day

Until next time, Happy Monday!




  1. Love this post, Sara ๐Ÿ™‚ I do actually genuinely love Mondays. I always fast on Sundays so Monday is kind of a relief! Also I go to the supermarket really early on a Monday morning to get all my food for the week, so when I get home, unload, and sit down with a coffee – well, that makes an excellent start to the week. So yep, excited to see what the rest of the day/week brings!

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      1. I’ve been fasting on Sundays for a year or two. It’s just my way of really taking stock and appreciating all the blessings in my life. Sometimes we can get so used to having an abundance of food and drink and comfort that we don’t really appreciate what a privilege it is. That’s why I fast, it’s my way of saying ‘thank you, God, for all you’ve blessed me with’!

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      2. Appreciation is so important to me. It is always a good thing to step back and see how fortunate we are to have the simplest things such as food, which is often viewed as nothing to us, but not everyone is so lucky. I think we do tend to take things for granted, so the fact you actively remind yourself is wonderful.

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  2. It took me a while to get out of the bed this morning, but I did it! The Monday’s Community Pool on WordPress definitely helps me get through the day – so many new blogs discovered and interactions with other members.

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  3. Monday is never the problem. It’s the perception of Monday that needs to be altered.

    Personally, I think Wednesday is the worst day of the week. I find people in general to be rude on that day. But, that could just be my perception. ๐Ÿ™‚

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