Poetry Challenge

Hello Friends,

Yesterday I took to Twitter and asked my followers to give me just one word and I will attempt to write a poem that includes said word. I have been given a lot of great words to work with so far.
As of tomorrow, I shall be attempting to write one poem per day to include one of the suggested words. Forgive me if I do not manage to do this daily, but I definitely intend to use each word at the very least.

If you have a word in mind that I could add to my challenge, please add it to my thread on TwitterΒ here.
I seem to have found a new supply of inspiration and I am going to make the most of it.

If you fancy joining in with this challenge, feel free and please tag me in your posts so I can read yours and see the words from a different perspective.

Until next time, stay imaginative!




  1. Hello Sara,

    This is seems to be an interesting idea and somewhat challeneging but go for it! I’ve been conducting an 10 question interview series with writers and I want to extend the offer to you. I’ve interviewed 5 so far with at least 4 pending. I can email you the questions if that’s okay.


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