Hello Friends,

For my Poetry Challenge, the first word I have chosen to write a poem with is “Red”. This was suggested by Sevgi over on Twitter

The first thing that came to mind when I looked through and read the word red was the red hat that I was wearing the day my Granddad passed away.
So, without further ado – Red

The hat I wore that day was red
We waited hours, Bated breath
Family reunited by a common fear
We were given hope, which we clung onto with a tight grip
Hours of optimism, wishing and reassurance


All was taken from us

The doctor entered with a smile
Each held breath released in unison
But that smile was false hope given, because his words did not match his expression

And then… He was gone

Confusion filled the room
Tears, screams and the sound of ten hearts breaking

I never got to say goodbye

The hat I wore that day was red, one I will never wear again



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